HP Announces New Z1 G3 Workstation and RGS Software for the Mac Community…

So here I am in Las Vegas for NABShow. So much going on it’s hard to soak it all in.  Last night I attended an HP and Nvidia Sponsored event for VR with The Foundry. Wow VR is coming and it’s going to be pretty amazing. Within the past couple of weeks HP has made some announcements. You can check out my post on the new HP VR Workstations. Give it a read to learn more.

Today HP announced the update to the Z1 all in one workstation. This may not seem like a new concept…certainly apple has had their iMac which has had more refreshes than we’ve seen the MacPro. You can read my thoughts on the MacPro

When you start to look at the machines from Apple and HP you might see a trend. HP continues to innovate and bring to market more features under the hood as a direct result of listening to their customers(which some in recent years on the Apple side have not felt the same experience-can’t speak mac users in general but I myself was frustrated with the focus on iDevices over their Pro Apps and Computers. I’ve since moved my workflow over to HP in my lab…and yes my Macbook Pro is still around…possibly more useful now with the RGS coming to Mac). We saw that with the first gen HP Z1. Tool less so you can swap parts, make upgrades and so on. This is possible on a iMac but it’s not as straight forward imo. Also the graphics, ecc memory, turbo drives, and more all add up to me a very powerful stand alone workstation. If you’re looking for an all in one I think you’ll be really excited to see the latest update. More info below from the new release.

The other area that has been an issue for facility and end users is working in an environment where macs exist. Many artist are on Mac. We are starting to see a lot more over to bigger faster and more capable workstations like the HP Z Workstation but at the end of the day not everyone is ready to make a change or in some cases artist are happy to work on their laptop or macbook pro. So up to now remote graphics software that is available for HP Workstations with windows, now Mac users can dive in and also take advantage remotely. What does that mean. Well their are artist that might work or want to work from home to avoid traffic and having to go back and forth when they could just stay at home and work on a Mac but actually utilizing the horespower of much more capable and powerful Workstations. So today HP has once again brought more flexibility to the end user and larger facilities that already have HP Z Workstations in place. Up till now they other end had to be another windows machine. No longer. Now the artist will be able to in install the software on their mac and connect just like I would on my HP Elitebook or ZBook etc. I can just stay at home and work just like I was at the facility. This is very welcome news…and I wouldn’t be surprised if more users start this way and eventually consider moving over to an HP.

So year after year…HP continues to bring solutions for the large facilities as well as the end user artist. How cool would that be to just log in from home on my Macbook Pro or anywhere and continue to keep the project moving forward.

These two announcements I think are really great. A more compact sleep HP Z1 Workstations that’s easily serviceable and software that brings the Mac User into the same workflow. So you really have more options than ever..!

Jeff Wood HP VP of Workstation and Thin Clients in the NABShow Secret Suite talking HP Z1..!

Also Jeff Wood talks about the new RGS(Remote Graphics Software)coming soon to Mac..!

Below is the new release:

HP Inc. Packs Power and Performance into World’s First Workstation All-in-One

Unveils software to enhance performance for Mac users

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 18, 2016 – HP Inc. today announced a bold evolution and a series of updates to the world’s first workstation all-in-one1 — the new HP Z1 G3 Workstation – combining the simplicity of an All-in-One design with performance typically found in traditional tower workstations.

Built for demanding users, the third generation HP Z1 Workstation is smaller, thinner and lighter delivering screaming performance at a great value.

·        47 percent smaller, 51percent lighter and 21 percent less expensive than the previous generation.

·        23.6 inch diagonal anti-glare UHD 4K display for the outstanding visual clarity when working on graphic intensive projects.

·        Intel® Xeon® processor options for powerful workstation-class processing technology for the most demanding applications.

HP also detailed its new receiver software for Apple® Mac® OS X. Using HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS),2 the receiver is designed to give Mac users access to their high-end HP Z Workstations. HP RGS allows engineers, animators and scientists to securely use the performance, files and applications on their HP Workstation, even when they are away from that workstation.

“We took our groundbreaking, and most innovative workstation- the original Z1-and reinvented it by listening to our customers to create a new smaller, lighter and lower cost model,” said Jeff Wood, vice president and general manager, Workstations and Thin Clients, HP Inc. “The new Z1 will introduce more new customers to workstation power and reliability, while HP RGS with a Mac Receiver will open doors to more Apple customers wanting to integrate our powerful Z Workstations.”

HP Z1 G3 Built for Engineers, Artists and Education

The HP Z1 G3 continues to offer professionals the ability to bundle all the features of a workstation in a compelling AiO form factor. New functionalities and technologies in the next generation bring accelerated performance and greater reliability to the all-in-one workstation class.

“We are blessed to have one of the best, most well-equipped labs in the country,” says Howard Cook, assistant professor, C/T at the Digital Animation Center. “HP Z1 Workstations are speedy, robust machines. And we like the compact form factor.”

The HP Z1 is designed leveraging 30 years of HP Z DNA with extensive ISV certifications and a minimum of 115,000 hours of testing in HP’s Total Test Process. The Z1 features:

·        A 23.6 inch diagonal anti-glare UHD 4K display for outstanding visual clarity.

·        Intel® Xeon® quad-core3, 64 GB ECC memory.4,5

·        NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics.

·        Dual PCIe HP Z Turbo Drives6 for speedy boot up, calculation, and response times for large files. Users can maximize storage by adding up to two additional 2.5″ SATA SSDs or HDDs.4

·        Multiple ports to quickly and easily transfer data and connect devices including side access dual Thunderbolt 3 with USB 3.1, USB charging port, media card reader, DisplayPort, and more.

HP RGS Receiver for Mac Deepens Integration for Workstation Customers

Mac users can experience maximum performance by multi-tasking between native Mac OS apps and super-charged Windows or Linux workstation applications through HP RGS. With HP RGS, users of Mac or MacBook® products can:

·        Connect seamlessly across the office or world to a Windows or Linux workstation session for joint development, interactive edits and design reviews.

·        Access business-critical, high-performance 2D, 3D, video and media-rich applications.

·        View graphics rich content on a single display or on multi-monitor setups.

·        Connect to a fully loaded HP Z840 Workstation – it is like upgrading your Mac with up to 9x the processing cores, 30x the memory and adding professional NVIDIA Quadro graphics.

·        Accomplish render time and editing of ultra-high res video content and FX at exponentially faster speeds.

The HP RGS Receiver for Mac is just one of the tools that HP provides to customers looking to increase power and performance by integrating HP Z Workstations with existing computers and workflows. The HP Workstation technical and research and development teams have worked closely with partners in industry’s such as animation, special FX, product design, research facilities and universities making this transition to provide innovative workflow optimizations – like the ability to quickly swap the Windows button with the Apple Command key on the keyboard.

HP Z Workstation software and tools are part of the company’s unwavering commitment to the creative professional. These products are the technology innovation engines of companies around the globe, designing everything from automobiles to block-buster movies.

Pricing and Availability

The HP Z1 G3 is expected to be available in May starting at $1498.
HP Remote Graphics Software is available now for HP Z Desktop and ZBook Mobile Workstations as a free download for existing HP Z Workstation customers. The Mac receiver is free for HP RGS users and is coming soon. HP RGS sender licenses can also be purchased for use on supported, non-HP hardware.

About HP Inc.

HP Inc. creates technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. Through our portfolio of printers, PCs, mobile devices, solutions, and services, we engineer experiences that amaze. More information about HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ) is available at http://www.hp.com.

Legal Disclaimers

1.       IDC Q4’15 WW WS Historical Tracker 02.10.16

2.       HP RGS requires a Windows, Linux or OS X 10.10 and newer operating system and network access.

3.       Multi-Core is designed to improve performance of certain software products. Not all customers or software applications will necessarily benefit from use of this technology. Performance and clock frequency will vary depending on application workload and your hardware and software configurations. Intel’s numbering is not a measurement of higher performance.

4.       Intel® Xeon® E3 can support either ECC or non-ECC memory.   Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 processors only support non-ECC memory.

5.       Sold separately or as an optional feature.

6.       Not all features are available in all editions or versions of Windows. Systems may require upgraded and/or separately purchased hardware, drivers, software or BIOS update to take full advantage of Windows functionality. Windows 10 is automatically updated, which is always enabled. ISP fees may apply and additional requirements may apply over time for updates. See http://www.microsoft.com.

7.       For hard drives, 1 GB = 1 billion bytes. 1 TB = 1 trillion bytes. Actual formatted capacity is less. Up to 30 GB (for Windows 10) of disk space is reserved for the system recovery software.

© 2016 HP Inc. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.


#AMacGuyRocksHP Apple ends 17″ MBP and now MacPro..!

So it’s a new day, new year, and once again another blow to the post community. Apple has been making some interesting or scary moves for us post people. What do I mean by this?! Well for starters users like myself have been using Macs for years! I’ve been using the Apple pro apps for years! Then FCP X was announced…wow that software looks so amazing..! That is what I and many others were thinking at the Supermeet in Las Vegas. At the last minute the typical jam packed schedule with various talent, vendors to share post secrets, their methods it was changed and left wide open for Apple. We were wowed by the next evolution in post production. Well as we all know that didn’t quit play out the way we thought. From go the software was lacking many pro tools we all expected. I will agree now it’s much better and a viable tool but with 2 years to wait for features…who can wait?! Same goes for their hardware. Last year Apple discontinued the MacBook Pro 17″.  
Many say oh it’s no big deal they have other better faster cooler models. No that’s not going to work for me! I love my 17″ MBP. Why cause I just do! I love the larger canvas. Higher Resolution is nice on a smaller one…but I still prefer a larger Mobile!

So for me a mac guy let’s think about a few options. You can now get smaller MBPs, you can get less powerful iMac(compared to MacPro all the additional slots, etc.)…or you can do something crazy..! You can actually look outside of Macs. Oh snap…here comes…wth would I ever consider that..?!

Ok so 2012 I was at Nab. I have been holding off like everyone else for the next amazing MacPro nearing two years of no refresh and sitting here in the dark with no answers. Well I happened to talk to someone who was like well go PC. I’m like hmm PC…oh no not that route! I mean no OS X, Windows sucks right?! Blue Screen of Death, too many hardware conflicts, blah blah blah. Hmm is it really true though. That’s a good question?!

So I got a mobile Elitebook 17″ to start messing around with. First off I noticed well it’s big, it’s heavy…after the initial look and feel out of the way I soon figured out that there’s a reason it’s not paper thin. It’s friggin jam packed with power under the hood and also had features my MacBook Pro didn’t even have. One thing I can say about PCs over Macs is that they refresh them more often! The parts can and will be faster in many cases sooner than Macs will. Why is that. Well it’s possibly by design! Apple has been focusing so much energy on iDevices that in truth it feels like us Video Pros and the like have just been left on the back burner! So after the initial um it’s not a Mac Dood! I realized wait this Elitebook 8760w has just as fast a cpu(quad core), it has just as fast of ram, but on top of the basics they offer i/o that exceeds Macs(minus thunderbolt-but that has also been a slow roll out do to it’s cost for manufacturers). My Elitebook has built in Displayport, E-Sata(which actually tested faster than on my MBP when connected to a Caldigit or Sonnet Express card-check out earlier post #AMacGuyRocksHP), ieee(nice if you still capture via firewire), usb 3.0 ports, even an SD-MMC slot. Huge plus for us Photo and Video Pros is the built in DreamColor Display(it’s a value added option). Yes you read that right..! You may have heard all the praise from users like Shane Hurlbut(Elitebook Video w/Shane)how he uses HP Dreamcolor Displays in his workflow both on and off location(Also check video with Shane Hurlbut, Jacob Rosenberg Dir. of Danny Way Doc ‘Waiting For Lightning’ & CTO of Bandito Brothers as well as Doug Cooper VFX Supervisor at Dreamwork Animation talking about how they use them in their workflow(HP Dreamcolor Video). If your not familiar with it’s benefits of wysiwyg then go to HP.com and do your own research. It’s a big welcome plus to the pro market! Another major plus is that the Elitebook has an Nvidia Quadro card(5000m). That works very well with the Adobe Creative Suite of Tools. I myself have nearly left Macs and FCP in the dust these days because I’ve nearly completely switched from using my Macs and FCP Suite or lack there of suite of tools and use the Adobe Production Premium nearly exclusively! If you haven’t noticed there’s been so much buzz not just from Mac users switching to PCs but also the software has taken a turn in my opinion to the worst on the Apple Pro Apps side! They dropped Shake their high end pro app. They eliminated the Suite and brought out Final Cut Pro X and sold Compressor and Motion separate but we’ve never seen a Shake Replacement leaving users to use other apps like Nuke. Again I feel apple let us down…and continues to surprise us like the announcement today that they are discontinuing the MacPro in Europe. Wow really…it’s not like they didn’t see the regulations coming right..?!

So now I am happy to say there is a true replacement to the MacPro..! I am also running an HP Z820. This machine is a beast..! It totally rocks..! Wow where do I start?! First off the most obvious at least to me. It has a ton of slots on the motherboard..! Behind their beautifully designed machine covers for airflow you see lanes and lanes of bandwidth dying to host all your cards! In fact I’ve got mine jammed packed from top to bottom..! There is no way that is ever going to happen with a MacPro(at least no time soon considering they are removing inventory for…well nothing from the sound of it…in Europe anyway-only time will tell if that will change…all I can say is look at how FCPX has progressed-it has taken quit some time…do you have time to wait/waste)?! Take a look at pic below!

As you can see I’m able to run an Nvidia Quadro 5000, Nvidia GeForce 680 4GB(both double wide cards), Red Rocket card(no expander in this setup), Atto R380, Matrox MXO2 pci-e card to MXO2 Mini, and also there’s a blank slot opening on top that has added E-Sata i/o. That is pretty amazing that I can fit it all in one machine! I was super stoked..! My only option on my MacPro would be to pull cards in and out for certain projects or just not be able to fully use my MacPro to it’s full potential in my opinion by design! Not to mention two of the slots are slower compared to multiple high speed pci-e slots(even a legacy pci slot for users who might be running an old Pro Tools card or the like-mine is covered up by the Nvidia Quadro 5000 on second to bottom slot-I don’t use any legacy pci cards so no loss for me). The cpus are fast…real fast up to 3.1 Ghz 8 cores each. Mine has two top of the line intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2687, 3.1 GHz, 20 MB cache, 1600 MHz memory Eight-core. The ram is nearly limitless(up to 512)mine currently has 32GB same as my MacPro. Yet everything is faster..! The machine is superfast. It’s basically the Red Edition minus a cool Red i/o for SSD offloads and a fancy paint job. The system is liquid cooled and very quite(my MacPro is not as quite).

Ok cool so the system has some fancy specs…what does that really mean. In short it means every single task you do is going to be done in less time. For many of you time is money! For me I’ve always had the idea that I’d get the best camera I can afford and also the best fastest computer! Why…well I can’t make a camera lol…and buiding a PC is doable but one big reason I was a Mac Guy is that I wanted to focus more on using my system than tinkering with it! When you go HP you get support, warranty, and you get a company that is there to help you succeed! That is Not going to be the case if you go to Frys and build something! I’ve been there…and let me tell you I’ve had a bad experience in 2007 where I bought $4k in parts, Vista X64 and figured this is going to kill anything out there and I’m saving a ton of $! In reality what happened is the mainboard manufacturer Tyan had support(kinda). Yes they would answer the phone and emails(they got to know me by name-but not in a good way lol)…but when the board seemed to have issues they kept blaming someone else! After 6 months and no usuable computer(they finally RMA’d my board having to go the the top level management to get issue resolved)I went back to the Mac Store and said wth I’m tired of this crap. I want easy..! That was a MacPro! At this point I owned so many macs I was never going to consider a PC, Windows, whatever I was fed up! At that point Apple was bad ass. They kept updating the Video Apps, they seemed very efficient at the time, they were super powerful…and frankly everyone used either Avid MC or Final Cut. So you really felt like you had the best software and hardware. Present day. As I said the landscape has changed! The industry has changed! Better faster hardware(not necessarily cheaper-but in a way it is because it’s so much more powerful)! Cameras are so much more affordable, software vendors have continued to lower prices, plug-in companies like Red Giant have brought out new tools(buying out it’s competition), lowered prices. So for us post people and filmmakers we are in an exciting time with so many options when we actually consider them all..!

I have high confidence now that the future is bright…you just have to adapt to it..! HP is that company to me. They invited me to attend a closed meeting discussing our needs Mac Users(and other users like myself were there). I can confidently tell you that they are serious about supporting and bringing the best tools to the Media and Entertainment Market! For years now big post houses like Bandito Brothers have been using HP Z Workstations and I have to say they are one of the best in the business! Others as I said like Shane Hurlbut have been seen with HP Dreamcolors displays, mobiles, and Z Towers out in the wild and they are able to do anything and everything with HPs!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you more of my experience in the weeks and months to come..!

I welcome feedback about the systems. I’m sure HP will follow my blog and they are really interested in what you like or don’t like about their systems! HP is a company that puts more of their effort into the R&D than just marketing….this means we get the most advanced machines available. They are going to be here in the future with bigger, better, faster machines and releasing them consistently. I think the key for many is to look past Windows. Frankly for me I spend most of my time in the apps I run. I am less concerned about just a slick OS and more concerned one a machine that can house all my hardware, two a company that actually interacts with it’s users like myself, and three a company that is not going to leave us in the dark hoping and praying we won’t be let down..!

I highly recommend you take a closer look at what HP has to offer…I’m confident you won’t be disappointed..! 


Ryanb. Aka: Filmguy

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