Flashback: Flanders Scientific Nabshow 2018…

Always great catching up with Bram Desmet of Flanders Scientific at Nabshow 2018. The big highlight this year is the awesome XM650. Bram gives a quick run down of it’s impressive specs.


The XM650U is a professional reference monitor designed for color critical monitoring of 4K, UHD, and HD signals. It features the latest large format OLED panel technology offering outstanding black levels and overall picture performance. The XM650U is well equipped for SDR content mastering as well as PQ and HLG HDR monitoring.

I got to meet and talk with Tal Stein Tzuk bag designer for Flanders Scientific. In the videos below Tal shows you the benefits of the cases which are design specifically for your FSI Monitors or even the new Apple MacPro will love their well designed and durable cases.

Flanders Playlist
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FSI Custom Cases...
FSI Custom Cases...
Flanders Scientific MacPro Bag...
Flanders Scientific MacPro Bag...

Flashback: Phillipe Reinaudo demos Firefly Cinema Fireday Nabshow 2018…

Firefly offers a variety of software from their Fireplay Live to Fireday Post. The ability to bring in a live feed over sdi and grade or bring in a mag and create looks in real time. I’ve been messing around with Fireplay and like having the ability to see my images with quick adjustment and or a lut for review changes the way you work.

In the video below Philippe Reinaudo demo’s Fireday in the FSI booth at Nabshow 2018.

Bram Desmet breaks down Flander Scientific Inc. New BoxIO NABShow 2016..!

Great to see all the guys over at Flanders Scientific Inc. This year at NABShow. Bram Desmet CEO & General Manager gives us a great breakdown of their new and exciting BoxIO. They come in several flavors for all levels of support. Without going into too much detail that the video will cover I can say this is a very cool Lut Box.

I am currently upgrading my edit suite with calibration hardware and Calman Studio Software from Spectracal. The boxes I'll be running are the eeColor(which kinda seems like they are not making these anymore or no updates but one of the least expensive options), and the Aja LUT-Box. So far I'm working on calibrating my Benq W1500 with eeColor and today will start calibrating my HP z27x with Calman Studio, Xrites i1 Display Pro probe and the Aja LUT-box. The BoxIO definitely have some awesome features my current Lut boxes don't support. Also the DIT cart they showed at NABShow was really awesome. I was fortunate to win the Tangent Element TK panel at the colorist mixer at Nab this year which motivated me to upgrade everything to add proper calibration in my edit suite(also met Jason Bowdach of Cinetic Studios an awesome colorist who also provided me some advice based on his own companies setup-we met in person after Robbie Carman demo'd the Lumetri panel with the Tangent Ripple in the NABShow  Adobe booth-too coo I might add:). I'm going to also look at setting up a similar DIT cart with the hardware and software I have now like Scopebox running on my early 2011 MacBookPro(since Scopebox is OSX Only).

All that being said...I'm looking at following up with a blog post on all this new color hardware and software with Spectracal Calman Studio but in the meantime if your looking for a LUT Box solution for your DIT cart or in your Post workflow these new FSI BoxIO look like the best new option out there(lil bit more pricey compared to what I own-but like everything you get what you pay for...so for the money the Aja box is a great lil box). I'd definitely like to upgrade to one of these boxes as I expand with more capabilities on-location, in my studio, or edit suite.

FSI is a really great company which is equally as important as a great spec product(at times a product is only as good as the follow up and support they provide...and I've only heard amazing things...like everyone uses FSI:). I've been covering their products for the past several years and have to say it's been great getting to know some of the guys over there like Bram, Kris, and Adam Patterson came by to visit me and my edit suite before NAB. Below is a photo side by side with a CM250 and my HP DreamColor z27x. Check out those blacks comparing backlit to oled(uber black...blacks)..! 

Below is a video on the NABShow 2016 showfloor with Bram Desmet breaking down BoxIO..!

Additional Details Below of the various FSI BoxIO boxes and options..!

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