Meeting Hector Aka: NoelG of The Fast and The Furious…Gangster turned Godster..!

Last night I had the opportunity to meet Noel Guglielmi aka Hector from the Mega Hollywood Fast Franchise or better known The Fast and The Furious at his church Praise Chapel Whittier in Whittier California. NoelG is best known for starring in the Hit Film back in 2001 where he plays Hector who organizes the race between Paul Walker (Brian O’Conner) and Vin Diesel (Dominic Toretto) which was later interrupted by police in the scene. It was a first for the genre with Fast cars, Hot women, and around Criminal activities. Speaking of criminal activities…NoelG went on to star in many more films some even as the character Hector portraying similar characters typically as a Gangster or Gang Banger.


As much as I love NoelG work in tons of films as this hardcore gangster type character I find it was more refreshing to hear his story. At the PCWBlast he talks about his past. How fame hit him so big after the Fast and Furious movie he was almost completely lost…like how does one deal with all the attention, the money, the girls…but to take it back to his roots on how he actually got into the film industry it all started I guess with a Taco Bell commercial. After years bouncin around since as he said at age 13(or maybe it was 15)his parents put $500 in his hand and said split. He then lived on the streets, parks, sleeping anywhere he could. Couch to couch he met a girl who brought him in. Introduced him to God if I recall. He said he was more concerned to please her and did anything to be able to have a place to stay including as people call it Dirt..! In all this one day he was in an acting class acting up or acting out interrupting the class crackin jokes there happened to be a producer there and liked how funny he was and offered him a chance to be in a taco bell commercial. It ended up on rotation daily for up to a year and he was getting royalty checks. Enough that he was able to support himself. Since he liked the money and thought this is pretty cool…he asked for more opportunities and he got them. He actually talks about being the guy doing like the training videos employees would watch when they get hired. Over time he began doing more roles in films but the big break was The Fast and The Furious which really put him on the map. After that he blew up so to speak…you can check out his IMDB and he today has well over a 150 credits mostly portraying again a tough guy, gang related type cast character.


So how does this lead to me getting to meet him at a church in Whittier. Well as he puts it no matter how much money he made(getting his first big ass check-like real money from the first Fast movie)he still felt empty. He felt lost. No VIP parties, money, girls or fame really fulfilled him. He ended up going full circle back to doin dirt. He actually said his needs became so big he and his homies planned a robbery(and this is after he was in a bunch of major hollywood movies)and they pulled it off without getting caught. It’s like you can have it all and your still not fulfilled. So basically after years of not feeling fulfilled with having it all…he realized it was because of how he saw himself. He became something he didn’t really want to be. I can tell this guy is a good guy behind all the Gangster image. He seemed like he was actually pretty cool and nice…ha…right…geez I hope so right lol. No but seriously. It’s not everyday you get to hear the word from the bible from a more colorful gangster type look and spoken word. It’s like this guys has something you know…like a really cool persona and the way he talks that gets your attention(nothing like me in Sunday School or in Mass at my Private Catholic School-very dry no real humor a kid my age could relate to from a Priest who’s like 70 speaking to us like we live in the last century). I was glued to his every move, the way he paced around the stage speaking gospel, talkin to the youth in such a way that wasn’t hey you did this wrong go say a bunch of hail mary’s and you’ll be cool. This is a whole new generation they are gettin all kinds of stuff filling their smart phones, tablets, at school on the tv they are constantly being fed the images of the let’s say the Mtv generation. You know the glitz, the bling…like all the rap videos flossin. I mean it works…kids dig nice things like anyone else. So he’s more or less like yo…that’s cool and all but it’s not enough…at least for him it’s wasn’t-he’s lived it all, had it all and lost it all and came back to have it all again but this time or should I say around 2008…he found Jesus Christ…God. Having access to anything and everything…nothing fulfilling him but God his faith, his wife, his beautiful kid…he began to realize what was really important to him and that now centered around his faith in God which helped him become a better Hector, a better Dad, Husband…overall just loving himself. So much so he’s out there sharing his story in churches all over the country and right here in SoCal every Tuesday at the Praise Chapel Whittier. Without going much deeper or acting like I’m trying to push God on any of my readers…the thing is. It’s not for everyone…but all I can say is…or he said. His life has been a lot more positive with God in his life than it ever was without. I understand it myself. I grew up myself with many challenges that most people have no clue about. I have my faith that I never push it on anyone but it’s there. Don’t get me wrong I’m no saint but having something you believe in a higher power than ones self…sometimes it’s all anyone needs. I can’t tell you how to live your life and maybe NoelG can’t either…but if you like the characters he plays or the Fast franchise I say it can’t hurt to give the guy a look. He’s very entertaining to watch on screen and equally entertaining speaking the word of God. I’d say this guy is One In a Million…No Doubt..!


I’m going to leave some links below that might help you learn more about NoelG and his movement he calls Godsterz which includes a Production Company making Christian Films(it would certainly be a dream to work with him one day if you happen to read this NoelG;), a clothing line with the more street look your used to seeing him play but with phrases like ‘Straight Out Godster’ or ‘Don’t Be a Paper Chaser Be a God Chaser’. I dig it…I mean I grew up listening to NWA, Ice Cube, Ice T. The lyrics are not for kids yet I was a kid listening to it. Though the fact I grew up going to Private Catholic School till a tragedy happened to my family and they had to pull me out since they could no longer afford it…silly me I’d change the cuss words into something more appropriate since my mom was against the language and to this day(I have to say my words are a bit more colorful as my tweets etc-I’ve even had people Stop following me cause of the way I speak or talk-ok only one person and they ended up following me again from a new account(like YO YO YO Wazup…yada yada…so I too have my persona but’s it’s just a reflection of my life…thankfully a lot more guided thanks to my folks who kept me in line)-it’s just cause of the environment I grew up near a ghetto for a hot second then my family moved us up by our church which was also my private school as soon as they could afford and it took me years to figure myself out always feeling poor or not good enough compared to the Rich Kids my peers…but my roots are very hood like…like when I was 5…don’t laugh…I’m serious(let’s just say I was so out there that I actually Failed First grade after being on the wrong side of town-that I’m sure wasn’t cool for my folks who were paying a large tuition for me to be there-one example my very first day of Private School all the big kids 8th graders got into a big fight on the playground and for some reason I jumped in…like it was the kind of crazy stuff going on in my hood…I had all these big ass kids lined up outside my 1st grade room and lil ol me…seriously had to sit in the chair in front of the Principal…ya I got in trouble…wasn’t a great way to introduce myself to my school-the priest a Vietnamese used to call me Lil Devil…hello…thank God I got out soon enough and got around a completely different lifestyle I’m proud to say I was able to get a good education thanks to my folks who against all odds manged to some how. So for me…yes I thank God my folks worked their ass off to get me into a better life and circles compared to most in my early neighborhood never made it anywhere-no hope for them…they could only see what opportunity was around them and let’s just say it wasn’t a positive one. My pops followed his dreams to be a professional photographer and I grew up in his shadow working since I was 10 years old with him((we are extremely close and I’m very close to my family))…it taught me to value people, money, my beliefs and values. So long of the short…it’s cool to connect with a dood who has that gangster image but with his fame can use that to leverage it to get his Godsterz message out.


Go get it..!


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His Clothing Line:

If you’d like to check out where NoelG speaks the word of God please support his movement over at 


Praise Chapel Whittier | PCWBlast



I’m in no way getting anything from NoelG to post this and my faith and my beliefs are my own(in fact it took me three hours to drive in from Malibu where I’m staying and I gave the ministry a few bucks donation because I believe in what they are doing is all)…I am just a passionate guy and I feel this guy is too…I got the opportunity to meet him last night and get my photo taken with a cool celebrity. I just walked right into the church like any of you can and learned about it via his Instagram page. I just happened to be down here for some meetings and an Expo called Siggraph…and saw this as an opportunity to meet him. I’m a fan of his work and only recently learned he was a Godster…I certainly had no idea based on his image and character he plays in roles in Hollywood Films. I will say…it was an honor to meet him and I even ended up on his Facebook page of our photo together and the church instagram started following me after I posted our pic(of course I followed back). I’ll leave a couple pics. 🙂


NoelG speaking to the Youth at his PCWBlast Movement at Whittier Church his family attends

Above NoelG and Youth after an Ice Bucket challenge at PCWBlast Tuesday Night Worship…

Above NoelG takes time to talk to everyone and the backdrop is a where you can get a photo…

Above Ryan Brown Aka: Filmguy & Actor/Godster NoelG in a photo opp after Worship..!

IamFilmguy New Website and Updated Blog Coming Sooner than Later…Kinda..! :)

Hello World..!


Wow has time Really just blown by like a blink of an eye..?! Well for me it seems that way. I’ve been planning on updating my website(forever now it seems)as well as my Blog. I’ve not been sleepin on the Filmmaking guys and gals…on the contrary very much the opposite. I’ve been DP’ing more and diving deeper into coloring my films. The deeper you dive into what you’re doing the harder it is to keep up on it all…including this blog. I’ve very much enjoyed writing blog post and getting the opportunity to cover events in the Media and Entertainment world especially Nabshow. I will definitely be there again next year. Meantime I’m just really busy being a Filmguy :).


What I’m looking to do is finish up this short film next week. I’m working with some cool new talented people on this current one. Very indie and very stylized look. The Director and I have been working on this project since we had the opportunity to do a 48hr Film Project. It was very ambitious and challenging working with new filmmakers as well as crew I never even met till day of. That being said we made it(barely)submitting just in time. Here’s a picture of me in the trunk from film and at the Premiere in Portland Oregon at the Hollywood Theater.

So it’s been awhile since I’ve updated my blog with a post so I figured now was a great opportunity to update you all. I’m planning on having my new website and blog up by end of year. I’m also planning on bringing you into my edit suite, onset, and around the globe more as I travel and meet new people in the Media and Entertainment Industry. So I’m sure I’ll be bringing a lot more of my experiences here online.

Well as usual I’m up late…It’s 4:15am and yup I’m sitting at my workstation surrounded by GPUs at the moment and working on a new config on my HP Z820. More on that later. For now my bed is calling me but please check back from time to time and see if I hint you with some updates. I’m sure I’ll want to share with you all how the editing, color and new stuff I’m filming is coming along.


But before I go how about a recap of what the heck I’ve been doing since my last post at Nabshow..!

Well the Summer I was in Hollywood for Cinegear in June and back in Los Angeles in August and staying out in Malibu sippin on a cold one beachside when I wasn’t in meetings and kickin it at Siggraph..! 🙂


As usual there’s always something going on in LA. I was attending a different event at The Ace Hotel in Downtown LA when I came out…Boom a Film Premiere Red Carpet and everything..! Um there might have even been a couple of well known actors puttin this on…Ben Afleck and Matt Damon anyone. Yup and I got to see Ben arrive before this crowd did. Regardless if your a fan or not it’s always cool to see a bunch of film lovers lining up for a Premiere. Not too mention cameras everywhere…you’d think you were arriving at the Oscars…Lol…ok maybe not…but hey it was still cool.


Also as things go while I was in LA for Siggraph The Straight Outta Compton Premiere was goin down. I was able to snap a pic from across the street attending the Nvidia Limelight Party. Look close…ya those are some cool Lowriders(and yes I did roll a Lowrider on Hydros back in High school…they didn’t Vote me ‘Most Unique’ for nothing-10 switch, double pump, pancake, three wheel motion, you get the idea…Super Dope;). There was even planes flying over to promote the film Premiere and also where I was staying in Malibu I saw in the sky with ‘Compton’ spelled out from Airplane exhaust. I don’t know about you but that doesn’t happen everyday…in fact that’s the first time I’ve ever seen that type of advertising. Pretty coo!

Have to say at Siggraph this year there was a ton of 3D Printers, Wide Format ink jet printers(upstairs not in the expo)as well as a ton of VR and just a lot of cool stuff to see. Felt like 10 times bigger than last year up in Vancouver BC which I also attended. Gotta love Canada though Eh(Pops was born in Canada so ya I got love for y’all beautiful people and country:)..!

Of course Nvidia was there in full force showing off some new products including the M4000 and M5000. I bumped into these lovely ladies for a photo op and chance to share this pic above on IG/Twitter for a chance to win one. Unfortunately I didn’t win…but as you can see fun pic

You might even recognize the people with me above. I stopped by to see my friends at the StudioXperience and ran into my friends son Dave Helmly Jr.(who was demoing for Dell). Met him a few years prior at a different event…great dood. Also hello…is that Chappie himself…yup…got a chance to meet and hang with Sharlto Copley briefly at Siggraph. He was hangin with the Dave’s..!

Here’s a pic from our Short Film we are currently working on shooting custom Bokeh with Austin (Jus text his azz lettin him know he’s famous now-ha…I mean your on my blog dood-he’s jus as crazy cool as me…he’s composing custom music for the film as I type this…hellzyeah)the Director mastermind who also wrote the film and is sittin in on every edit session as I hit the keys and he and I bring this film and his vision to life. Sorry guys no spoilers yet…but if you follow me on Twitter which if you’re not shame on you…get over there now and follow me Yo! I’m typically on there daily…so feel free to hit me up there anytime. I’m good about replies there too..!


Ok guys that’s it for now…I’m a lil bit tired. Been workin a lot of late nights to get the film done..!




Ryanb. Aka: Filmguy


Cine Gear Entertainment Digital Expo 2014

So last week was Cine Gear Entertainment Digital Expo in Los Angeles. This was my first experience attending. I drove down from Portland Oregon to do some coverage for my blog and more importantly to see what it was all about first hand. I’ve been attending NABShow in Vegas for around a decade. My first NAB was overwhelming and covered a lot of different stuff from Broadcast, Radio, Tv, Audio, and in recent years with the introduction of Dslrs with Video I’ve noticed a trend of a lot more tools around Filmmaking. One thing I can say about Cine Gear that I can’t say about NAB is that it’s on a much smaller footprint but it’s all about Filmtools. What more is that it’s not too overwhelming but that being said very cool to attend. If your into Filmmaking or want to be and on the West Coast I’d say it’s a must attend. It’s basically all about the tools to help you make your films. The fact that it’s much smaller is actually a benefit cause it’s not always easy to get away for the full NAB and Cine Gear Expo portion is only two days. Plus it’s all on Paramount Studio lot(for the most part…there are some off Lot happening but I did not attend them. More information can be found on there website if you want to learn more like films being shown and workshops). I can’t speak on them since I didn’t attend but the experience I had at Cine Gear was great. I saw a lot of old friends and made some new ones. Unfortunately I had some trouble with my car so I got there late Friday but I’d say if you hit it just on Saturday and had focus on what you wanted to see you could really get a lot in. If your going to attend some of the seminars(many are free thanks to the Sponsors). So there’s definitely more than just booths with gear. Not to mention partly why I attend is to just network, meet vendors, ask questions, learn about what’s new and what tools can solve your creative needs.

Here is a pic on the way down before my car challenges.
Here’s a pic below at Cine Gear on the Paramount Studio Lot!

On site as you can see you already feel like your on a movie set…cause frankly you are…it’s at Paramount Studios.  That alone is very cool. I actually have never been on the lot being that growing up I tended to go to Universal Studios with my family. If you don’t know there are a number of large and many smaller lots. Last year I was at an event at Red Studios. It was an invite only but anyone can attend Cine Gear to my knowledge. I’d recommend signing up even if you are not 100% sure you can go because my good friend I stayed with while down here visiting didn’t and had to pay $25 after I believe May 31st. Before that it’s completely free. So even if you are not sure you can make it I’d sign up. Now if you are for sure not going I’d say probably don’t sign up for I’m sure they’d like to have a fairly accurate head count. I’ve heard from a number that it’s grown over the years.

So onto blogging. Since I had the car trouble I didn’t get as much exposure as I planned this year but I’ll have half a dozen videos in the booths that will trickle out to the blog. Some are repeats of what you could have seen at NAB but if you didn’t get to attend NAB I think you’ll enjoy the coverage I got.

Thing is for me I’m all about meeting and taking the time to get to know people attending as well as the vendors. It’s invaluable in my opinion to meet the vendors behind the products. If you are not hip on it basically it’s your opportunity to speak directly with the people who create the products for more info, help and support. I’ve personally gotten a lot of help from many over the years and eventually created opportunities to blog, speaking and so on. Social Media has really changed the way we get information so even if you can’t attend following the Hash Tags, and the vendors twitter accounts will get you the info but there’s nothing like actually shaking the CEO or inventor of a product. You’ll never experience that just sitting behind a computer. So I highly recommend getting out to attend as many of the events from DV Expo, NAB, Cine Gear, to name a few. Also note Cine Gear has added a New York show so if you’re on the East Coast you are not left out. Honestly I’ve only really heard about the event in Los Angeles on twitter the past few years but after checking out their site I realized of the show on the East side. I’m sure it’s equally beneficial to attend and if I had the time and money to attend every show in the world like IBC I would because different people will attend one but maybe not another. So what I’m saying is just get out to the shows you can and you will no doubt take something back beneficial. Below I have links to the vendors I will have video coverage in the near future.

Thanks so much for checking out my brief 411 on Cine Gear. I do hope to make it back next year and heck maybe the New York one too..! I had the pleasure to visit New York for the first time taking part on the HP Tech Panel past September. It’s an amazing city with different things to offer than LA. So get out there and meet some new people, check out some cool film tools, and hey…just create..!


Ryan Brown Aka: Filmguy

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