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HP Unveils Industry’s First-ever Mini Workstation HP Z2 Mini...

Today Hp announced a whole new workstation in the most compact form yet..! It's being called the first mini workstation designed for users of apps like CAD and other compute-intensive software. This machine is likely not for everyone but for many just dealing with a large box or even a small cylinder takes up space. This small computer could literally be mounted to the back or your computer monitor depending on your setup. So it's very small and versatile but not by compromising it's capabilities. The HP Z2 Mini delivers server-grade power in a very tiny package. Most mini computers in this tiny of a form factor don't have such components and specs. So to me this is a nice smaller form factor solution. I Think on the desk it looks great, can in some cases be mounted directed to the back of your monitor, or even use this as a nice portable onsite workstation. I'm sure users will come up with many ways to utilize this beautifully designed mini Workstation. More details below from the New Release.

more info @hp

News Release 
HP Unveils Industry’s First-ever Mini Workstation
HP Z2 Mini delivers server-grade power in a 2.3 by 8.5 inch package

Las Vegas, NV., November 15, 2016 — Today at Autodesk University, HP Inc. unveiled the world’s first mini workstation1 designed for users in CAD and other compute-intensive industries. The stylish, new HP Z2 Mini Workstation delivers breakthrough power and versatility and at only 2.3” high is 90% smaller than a traditional business-class tower2. 

With this new offering, HP is positioned to extend its workstation leadership by delivering a new category of workstation that offers superb performance, elegance and efficiency.

HP Z Workstation products have become the industry standard for customers demanding a full performance workstation. Building off the success of the HP Z240 SFF, the HP Z2 Mini Workstation is twice as powerful as any commercial mini PC on the market today3 and has the ability to support six displays right out of the box. The HP Z2 Mini was designed for the millions of CAD users demanding smaller hardware without compromising acoustics and performance and mission-critical reliability.

“When designing some of the most technically complex architectural forms the need for cutting edge technology is essential,” said Daniel Libeskind, a world-renowned architect and founder of Studio Libeskind.4 “The speed in which we create, and the complexity of projects have become more intense over the years, but computers like HP Workstations are helping quickly bring the visions of my designers to life.”

Shorter than a cup of espresso, the new HP Z2 Mini Workstation is capable of designing anything from state-of-the-art electronics to home and office buildings. The workstation, running Windows 10 Pro or Linux, comes equipped with next generation Intel® Xeon® processors5, NVIDIA® professional graphics and the availability of HP Z Turbo Drive for handling large files remarkably fast. 

“The HP Z2 Mini, the world’s first mini workstation, delivers breakthrough power and versatility in a small, iconic design,” said Jeff Wood, vice president and general manager, Workstations and Thin Clients, HP Inc. “HP redefined the workstation in 2009 with the introduction of the HP Z series, and now once again is disrupting the category with the new HP Z2 Mini Workstation - the ultimate combination of space efficiency, elegance and power for our customers and partners.”
HP Z2 Mini designed for the workspace of the future .

As workplaces become more space constrained, there’s a greater business need for the smaller workstations like the HP Z2 Mini. The incredibly compact form factor resembles more a super computer from the future than a PC of today. The octagon form of the HP Z2 Mini is the most uniquely designed HP Workstation in HP’s 35 years of workstation history, and incorporates HP Z DNA throughout the product including extensive ISV certification and 368,000 hours of quality testing.

The ultra-compact and aesthetically pleasing workstation provides users with numerous versatility options: on/under the desk, behind an HP Z display, or on a wall6. HP engineers created custom designed fans and a cooling system for whisper-quiet acoustics (63 percent quieter than an HP business-class mini PC) for workstation customers that need mission-critical reliability. The HP Z2 Mini design and engineering ingenuity will transform the way people think about workstations and workspaces.

Pricing and Availability7:
HP Z2 Mini Workstation is expected to be available worldwide in December starting at $699.00USD.
HP Inc. creates technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. Through 
our portfolio of printers, PCs, mobile devices, solutions, and services, we engineer experiences 
that amaze. More information about HP Inc. is available at

(1)     Based on publicly available information of workstation competitors as of October 3, 2016 with volume of at least 1 million units annually as of October 3, 2016 having < 3 litres volume, professional graphics, Intel® Xeon® quad core processor, ISV certified applications, ECC memory.
(2)     Based on business-class towers with >1 million units annually as of October 3, 2016 with performance measured by processor clock speed and ViewPerf12 rating, having 4th or 6th Gen Intel processors or AMD Pro processors, integrated VESA mount, VGA, 6 USB Ports, Windows Pro OS and TPM.
(3)     Based on Ultra Small Desktop category of vendors shipping >1M units annually as of October 3, 2016 based on watts, with 4th or 6th Gen Intel processors or AMD Pro processors, integrated VESA mount, VGA, 6 USB Ports, Windows Pro OS and TPM.
(4)     HP provided Studio Libeskind with early HP Z2 Mini workstations.
(5)     Multi-Core is designed to improve performance of certain software products. Not all customers or software applications will necessarily benefit from use of this technology. Performance and clock frequency will vary depending on application workload and your hardware and software configurations. Intel’s numbering is not a measurement of higher performance
(6)     Mounting bracket sold separately.
(7)     Estimated U.S. street prices. Actual prices may vary.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Visiting Chapman/Leonard and Tour from Asst. Marketing Manager Nichole Huenergardt...

So it was 2006 NABShow when I was living in Hollywood my friends and I who were working in the industry said hey let's go to NAB on a whim. It was my first year attending so it was pretty crazy to see it all(or what I was able to take in a day-and a day wasn't enough honestly). If you've never been to NAB basically every major company supporting Broadcast TV, Film, Radio, spanning more than a million net square feet have booths with all their solutions for our industry on display. In recent years we've seen more options on display in booths for indie filmmakers on the show floor ever since the HDSLR revolution I started to see a big shift towards supporting indie filmmakers but back then it was more Broadcast. So I just combed the floors as fast as I could to attempt to soak it all in and ended up running into a companies booth called Chapman/Leonard who supports the biggest productions in the Motion Picture and Television Industry...and for a really long time. Going back to 1945 Nicholes' Great Grandfather started the company(and her Grandfather picked up where he left off-I believe her great grandfather is no longer with us). Just some of the Filmtools they build and support the industry are Telescoping Camera Cranes, Arms, Bases, Stabilized Remote Camera Systems, Dollies, Pedestals, Sports Sideline Vehicles and more. So I was greeted by the very lovely Annette Kiatpiriya-Requena. I must have looked like a very young man at the time cause even today people think I'm much younger for my age. I was looking at one of their dollies which she gladly demo'd and she started to ask me what I do. The conversation left me with some info on the possibility of leasing one or the option for rentals. I found that very cool that even though I was still an up and coming filmmaker she treated me just like anyone else. At that time it wasn't in the cards but after getting a tour yesterday I have to say...I want these filmtools on my productions. Also roaming the booth I met an attractive lady and her equally attractive very young daughter Nichole who caught my attention. She was just a lil girl at the time(and just to let you really don't see kids ever on the show floor-I think like 15 might be the youngest who can attend but don't quote me on that)...but I learned she was the granddaughter of one of the owners. I had a great conversation with her. I was impressed not by just a beautiful young girl there's plenty of eye candy in the booths with demo girls and models sure...I was more impressed with the fact that she was a part of the company. She grew up in this Hollywood La La Land...and her family built these amazing tools. Not that it relates really in any way but I too grew up in my Pops shadow as a photographer so I can identify with being in and around a family business. So we kinda had that connection going on. I ended up following up with her mother via email since her daughter was really too young to get to know at the time about getting a tour I was so impressed with the company and the family. She agreed to give me a tour but unfortunately I ended up moving back up to Portland before that could ever happen. Over the years I'd drop her a line here and there...but never got the tour. Everytime I was back down here I was typically too busy to have time to visit. So a decade later on this trip down for some meetings in Hollywood and also attending Siggraph I reached out to Nichole after realizing she was all grown up and still a part of the company today. I must admit I googled her after meeting her way back because she was telling me about her passion outside of now filmmaking as an Ice Skater(she just completed fer first Doc on it you can learn more on her IMDB). She is Not just the granddaughter hanging out around the shop she's actually a lot more than that. She's a photographer, a social media influencer, a marketer for the company, Filmmaker and an overall expert with all the tools they build. I mean like me she literally grew up in this industry(difference being around my Pops who's a photographer it wasn't till later in high school I got the film bug taking Video Production-I had 0 ties to the Motion Picture Industry...I had to make all these connections myself over the past couple decades). So after many emails and trying to get our schedules aligned yesterday we finally connected.

Arriving at Chapman/Leonard you'll drive through what might not seem like the right place. I drove past a lot of industrial buildings almost thinking I'm lost but then I see the beautiful greenery covering the main office. I pull into the first spot and I'm almost instantly greeted by a gentleman who walks up to me and says hi how can I help you with a like your in the wrong spot lol...I was about to pull into Niki's grandfathers spot. bad. He was totally cool about it though. I was a lil early and walked into the machine shop. The gentleman right at the front I asked for Nichole and he said the office was through the door to my right. I walked in and was again greeted by a nice lady behind the desk answering calls. I told he I'm here to see Nichole and that I was early. I've been doing nothing but driving it seems and 30 miles equals up to an hour and a half like minimum. So I left like 2 hours early so I wouldn't be late. The office has a large stack of industry magazines and a pictures on the wall of awards, movies with their equipment on sets. It instantly felt comfortable.

So Niki arrives(this is what her friends and family call her-so hopefully I can get away with referring to her by her nickname throughout this post). At this point I'm having a back and forth convo with a good friend of mine in Texas via text and didn't notice her till she said Hello Ryan. Wow yup there's Niki...granted it's been like a decade she's all grown up. She greeted me with a big smile. She says ready...let's go. I'm like ok cool. She gets us some safety glasses since the Tour was going to start next door in their Machine Shop. If you follow my Instagram you'll see me refurbishing an old Elemack Spyder dolly and my Pops friend helped me rebuild a missing column. So I've been around his friends machine shop. Their machine shop where they design, build, test, and maintain the equipment they build is second to none. More impressive is everything they build...they build it right there in the USA in the Head Quarters in North Hollywood. Omg...I was blown away by the state of the art Machinery. Niki was so knowledgeable with absolutely everything. She literally took me to every building throughout. Showing me how they've taken gears and now use newer lighter metals, introducing me everyone behind every phase of the process to the guy assembling the guts of their dollies, to a passing engineer he stops and says hello and we have a brief convo. I get to see the big camera trucks you'll see on hit Television shows like Bones, the mini dollies custom built that you'll see on the sideline at the Superbowl, Hydraulic powered Camera Trucks, Massive AirBag suspension to handle the weight but keep the ride smooth, down to the dollies across from their machine shop that house a ton of the dollies you might be familiar seeing behind the scenes of every type of motion picture-just look at the credits as I do and you'll see Chapman/Leonard on tons of them(as you can see in the photo of Niki and me with Chapman/Leonard in the background. Track wheels, track for days, curved track, straigh track, accessories for anything you can think of they have or as she states...we custom build. Our customers come back to us with Feedback and we respond by making updates to build exactly what they want. Again everything is built under one roof here in NoHo...or should I say many roofs. Their Head Quarters spans are very impressive footprint...She must have taken me through half a dozen buildings.

I have to say probably the most impressive guy I met(or at least I had the most time to talk to who is typically working out in their New Orleans Office so I was lucky he happened to be in Hollywood on my tour)was a Gentleman named David Bullard who works with their Remote Systems and is a Technician/Driver an expert with products like the Hydrascope. The Hydrascope is massive(one was on display for me to checkout)...this thing is the Real Deal. It's a very impressive Hydraulic Telescoping Crane but it's unique. One it's running on batteries(24v DC I believe referencing their latest 2016 Catalog)so you don't need a 240v hookup for example. It can be operated both on Land and Actually underwater. This is unique to Chapman/Leonard(the ability to have the camera/head be completely submerged underwater with their own specialty configuration). Of course your camera will need to be protected like any underwater camera system but they have a special head that's waterproof if I understood David correctly(of course you can easily call Chapman/Leonard for exact capabilities and specs)so please refer to them before planning on using any specialty high end equipment like their Hydrascope or any of their other studio equipment offerings.

Finally the last room Niki shows me is housing the really cool MiniScope 5...which gives me hope lol...I mean hopefully I will have this running on the set of my dream film I have in the works. I'll pray that works out. So what's unique is it's small lighter form factor. Till only recently the only cranes where very large and too expensive for the smaller budget indie films or other various tighter budgetrs. Like she states our tools help you achieve shots with such movement and precision just not duplicated compared to all these new filmtools like drones, mini handheld gimbals, micro dollies, and cranes(not saying those are equally valuable but their tools have been tried and true for the Master for Decades...literally Decades-like 7 to be exact. Granted they've really supported the mega hit movies and television shows we all watch and love...but for the smaller budgets and indie films this is the next level for your shots. They have two flavors the Microscope 5 and the 7. They happened to have a 5 on the floor when I was on the tour. If your not familiar with their telescoping cranes what makes this one unique is that it's light and compact(compared to their massive 73' Hydrascope typically seen on Big Productions), comes ready to use due to it's simple quick setup, with three adjustments on post to change back lengths by 0", 5", 10". Miniscope can be setup with your choice of Remote Head(up to 50 lbs.)including Chapmans' CL Head. It can be Electrically or Manually Telescopic. Hand held "Pickle" allows easy control of ramping, speed as well as start and stops. Also built in end stops prevent sudden and adrupt movement so your shots are money. It can be operated by single man/women operation or conventionally. The rear control handle bar allows convenient placement of monitors or remote controls for he head. The Miniscope 5 is Chapmans' smallest telescoping arm so ideal for an indie filmmaker like myself(but they also have it's bigger brother the Miniscope 7 for more reach and abilities). It includes a 30 Volt DC Chapman Battery. Also AC/DC Converter included so your have maximum flexibility. Of course it accepts Standard Mitchell Mounts. It's compact size is ideal for passing through doorways 28" because of it's compact design built for small spaces(but it's Not just for the smaller productions it's for any production really it's just in a lighter compact form factor at a lower to employ cost).
 Lastly I should mention that Chapman/Leonard is Global and is in all the major markets in the United States so they are not just supporting Hollywood California. You can find them trailblazing in booming markets like Texas both in Austin/Atlanta Goergia, New Orleans Louisiana , Albuquerque New Mexico, oversees in London England, as well as their Studios and Production Center in Orlando Florida where they have 3 State of the Art Sound Stages.

I'll leave a link to their website below so you can learn all about Chapman/Leonard and feel free to give them a call for all your Studio Equipment needs. It very much felt like a tight family Network over there. All you have to do is look at their Contact Page and you'll see a lot of familiar last names. For example Annette who I met like a decade ago is still with it was nice to see familiar faces. I can only imagine that warm feeling translates to what pride they take supporting our industry. I have to say it's extremely rare to see family generation after generation taking a company into the future like Niki now all grown up working with family. There's nothing better out there...American made...and great people behind the product equals Priceless and so rare to see today...a real honor to get the Vip Tour..!

Thanks for everything Niki and everyone who was so nice and gracious with their time to talk with me yesterday and show me around..!


Equipment Rental Agency · North Hollywood
Address: 12950 Raymer St, North Hollywood, CA 91605




Photo Credit:
Chapman/Leonard ~ Google
Nichole Huenergardt ~ IMDB

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Meeting Hector Aka: NoelG of The Fast and The Furious...Gangster turned Godster..!

Last night I had the opportunity to meet Noel Guglielmi aka Hector from the Mega Hollywood Fast Franchise or better known The Fast and The Furious at his church Praise Chapel Whittier in Whittier California. NoelG is best known for starring in the Hit Film back in 2001 where he plays Hector who organizes the race between Paul Walker (Brian O'Conner) and Vin Diesel (Dominic Toretto) which was later interrupted by police in the scene. It was a first for the genre with Fast cars, Hot women, and around Criminal activities. Speaking of criminal activities...NoelG went on to star in many more films some even as the character Hector portraying similar characters typically as a Gangster or Gang Banger.

As much as I love NoelG work in tons of films as this hardcore gangster type character I find it was more refreshing to hear his story. At the PCWBlast he talks about his past. How fame hit him so big after the Fast and Furious movie he was almost completely how does one deal with all the attention, the money, the girls...but to take it back to his roots on how he actually got into the film industry it all started I guess with a Taco Bell commercial. After years bouncin around since as he said at age 13(or maybe it was 15)his parents put $500 in his hand and said split. He then lived on the streets, parks, sleeping anywhere he could. Couch to couch he met a girl who brought him in. Introduced him to God if I recall. He said he was more concerned to please her and did anything to be able to have a place to stay including as people call it Dirt..! In all this one day he was in an acting class acting up or acting out interrupting the class crackin jokes there happened to be a producer there and liked how funny he was and offered him a chance to be in a taco bell commercial. It ended up on rotation daily for up to a year and he was getting royalty checks. Enough that he was able to support himself. Since he liked the money and thought this is pretty cool...he asked for more opportunities and he got them. He actually talks about being the guy doing like the training videos employees would watch when they get hired. Over time he began doing more roles in films but the big break was The Fast and The Furious which really put him on the map. After that he blew up so to can check out his IMDB and he today has well over a 150 credits mostly portraying again a tough guy, gang related type cast character.

So how does this lead to me getting to meet him at a church in Whittier. Well as he puts it no matter how much money he made(getting his first big ass check-like real money from the first Fast movie)he still felt empty. He felt lost. No VIP parties, money, girls or fame really fulfilled him. He ended up going full circle back to doin dirt. He actually said his needs became so big he and his homies planned a robbery(and this is after he was in a bunch of major hollywood movies)and they pulled it off without getting caught. It's like you can have it all and your still not fulfilled. So basically after years of not feeling fulfilled with having it all...he realized it was because of how he saw himself. He became something he didn't really want to be. I can tell this guy is a good guy behind all the Gangster image. He seemed like he was actually pretty cool and nice...ha...right...geez I hope so right lol. No but seriously. It's not everyday you get to hear the word from the bible from a more colorful gangster type look and spoken word. It's like this guys has something you a really cool persona and the way he talks that gets your attention(nothing like me in Sunday School or in Mass at my Private Catholic School-very dry no real humor a kid my age could relate to from a Priest who's like 70 speaking to us like we live in the last century). I was glued to his every move, the way he paced around the stage speaking gospel, talkin to the youth in such a way that wasn't hey you did this wrong go say a bunch of hail mary's and you'll be cool. This is a whole new generation they are gettin all kinds of stuff filling their smart phones, tablets, at school on the tv they are constantly being fed the images of the let's say the Mtv generation. You know the glitz, the all the rap videos flossin. I mean it dig nice things like anyone else. So he's more or less like yo...that's cool and all but it's not least for him it's wasn't-he's lived it all, had it all and lost it all and came back to have it all again but this time or should I say around 2008...he found Jesus Christ...God. Having access to anything and everything...nothing fulfilling him but God his faith, his wife, his beautiful kid...he began to realize what was really important to him and that now centered around his faith in God which helped him become a better Hector, a better Dad, Husband...overall just loving himself. So much so he's out there sharing his story in churches all over the country and right here in SoCal every Tuesday at the Praise Chapel Whittier. Without going much deeper or acting like I'm trying to push God on any of my readers...the thing is. It's not for everyone...but all I can say is...or he said. His life has been a lot more positive with God in his life than it ever was without. I understand it myself. I grew up myself with many challenges that most people have no clue about. I have my faith that I never push it on anyone but it's there. Don't get me wrong I'm no saint but having something you believe in a higher power than ones self...sometimes it's all anyone needs. I can't tell you how to live your life and maybe NoelG can't either...but if you like the characters he plays or the Fast franchise I say it can't hurt to give the guy a look. He's very entertaining to watch on screen and equally entertaining speaking the word of God. I'd say this guy is One In a Million...No Doubt..!

I'm going to leave some links below that might help you learn more about NoelG and his movement he calls Godsterz which includes a Production Company making Christian Films(it would certainly be a dream to work with him one day if you happen to read this NoelG;), a clothing line with the more street look your used to seeing him play but with phrases like 'Straight Out Godster' or 'Don't Be a Paper Chaser Be a God Chaser'. I dig it...I mean I grew up listening to NWA, Ice Cube, Ice T. The lyrics are not for kids yet I was a kid listening to it. Though the fact I grew up going to Private Catholic School till a tragedy happened to my family and they had to pull me out since they could no longer afford it...silly me I'd change the cuss words into something more appropriate since my mom was against the language and to this day(I have to say my words are a bit more colorful as my tweets etc-I've even had people Stop following me cause of the way I speak or talk-ok only one person and they ended up following me again from a new account(like YO YO YO Wazup...yada I too have my persona but's it's just a reflection of my life...thankfully a lot more guided thanks to my folks who kept me in line)-it's just cause of the environment I grew up near a ghetto for a hot second then my family moved us up by our church which was also my private school as soon as they could afford and it took me years to figure myself out always feeling poor or not good enough compared to the Rich Kids my peers...but my roots are very hood when I was 5...don't laugh...I'm serious(let's just say I was so out there that I actually Failed First grade after being on the wrong side of town-that I'm sure wasn't cool for my folks who were paying a large tuition for me to be there-one example my very first day of Private School all the big kids 8th graders got into a big fight on the playground and for some reason I jumped it was the kind of crazy stuff going on in my hood...I had all these big ass kids lined up outside my 1st grade room and lil ol me...seriously had to sit in the chair in front of the Principal...ya I got in trouble...wasn't a great way to introduce myself to my school-the priest a Vietnamese used to call me Lil Devil...hello...thank God I got out soon enough and got around a completely different lifestyle I'm proud to say I was able to get a good education thanks to my folks who against all odds manged to some how. So for me...yes I thank God my folks worked their ass off to get me into a better life and circles compared to most in my early neighborhood never made it anywhere-no hope for them...they could only see what opportunity was around them and let's just say it wasn't a positive one. My pops followed his dreams to be a professional photographer and I grew up in his shadow working since I was 10 years old with him((we are extremely close and I'm very close to my family)) taught me to value people, money, my beliefs and values. So long of the's cool to connect with a dood who has that gangster image but with his fame can use that to leverage it to get his Godsterz message out.

Go get it..!

NoelG Social Links...




His Clothing Line:

If you'd like to check out where NoelG speaks the word of God please support his movement over at 

Praise Chapel Whittier | PCWBlast

I'm in no way getting anything from NoelG to post this and my faith and my beliefs are my own(in fact it took me three hours to drive in from Malibu where I'm staying and I gave the ministry a few bucks donation because I believe in what they are doing is all)...I am just a passionate guy and I feel this guy is too...I got the opportunity to meet him last night and get my photo taken with a cool celebrity. I just walked right into the church like any of you can and learned about it via his Instagram page. I just happened to be down here for some meetings and an Expo called Siggraph...and saw this as an opportunity to meet him. I'm a fan of his work and only recently learned he was a Godster...I certainly had no idea based on his image and character he plays in roles in Hollywood Films. I will was an honor to meet him and I even ended up on his Facebook page of our photo together and the church instagram started following me after I posted our pic(of course I followed back). I'll leave a couple pics. :)

NoelG speaking to the Youth at his PCWBlast Movement at Whittier Church his family attends
 Above NoelG and Youth after an Ice Bucket challenge at PCWBlast Tuesday Night Worship...
 Above NoelG takes time to talk to everyone and the backdrop is a where you can get a photo...
 Above Ryan Brown Aka: Filmguy & Actor/Godster NoelG in a photo opp after Worship..!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

HP Packs World Class Performance into the Affordable Z240 Workstation...

Under-the-hood improvements deliver reliability, power and remote software linkup to Macs.

News Release:
The HP Z240 has long been a workhorse for power-hungry small and medium businesses, such as design companies, video production studios and architecture firms. But today it gets even more powerful with a double-digit boost to its processing power, memory and the addition of a software receiver to seamlessly link up Apple, Linux and Windows environments.
The third-generation of HP’s desktop tower workstation now packs up 4.2 GHz of processing power into a system about the size of a carry-on suitcase, delivering world-class performance and reliability at the price point of a traditional desktop PC—just under $900 USD.
“HP has the expertise to design a system that runs high-performance components at their maximum while delivering the best reliability possible,” said Josh Peterson, vice president, global product management for workstations.

“The Z240 is ideal for customers in the video editing, product design, architecture, engineering, education, public sector and image-viewing industries.” - Josh Peterson

User-driven features:

Based on feedback from in-the-trenches users, the third-gen Z240 workstation offers a powerful set of features that enable extensive customization and collaboration without compromising capacity, performance and reliability.

Features include:

·    Integrated M.2 slot for expansion cards and connectors, freeing up a PCIe slot to use for HP Z Turbo Drives or other devices like Thunderbolt™.

·    Next generation Intel® processors, NVIDIA® or AMD graphics, memory, and two optional ultra-fast HP Z Turbo Drives.

·    Up to 64 GB DDR4 ECC memory – a 100 percent increase in memory capacity compared to previous generations.

·    Choice of Windows 7, Windows 10 or Linux® operating systems.

There are a couple of other nice touches that lend greater usability, too, including optional dust filters and carrying handles on the back and side of the tower. Though these might seem like small conveniences, these changes can improve performance and lower time spent on maintenance and troubleshooting over the long haul.

The Z240's components are ISV certified, so they are tested and vetted to work with leading professional software applications.

In HP internal tests, the HP Z240 performed 13 percent faster for Autodesk Revit and 12 percent faster for AutoCAD – two key applications for designers and engineers.

“The 368,000 hours of grueling quality testing and ISV certification means the HP Z240 is designed as a long-term budget friendly solution,” Peterson said.

Mac integration:
The Z240 enables breakthrough productivity with a newly-integrated HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS) receiver, which begins shipping next month with all Z Workstations.

The RGS allows users to securely connect Mac or MacBook to a Z Workstation and multitask between native Mac OS apps and super-charged Windows or Linux workstation apps, enabling smoother workflows for joint development, interactive edits and design reviews.

The HP RGS Receiver for Mac is just one of the tools that HP provides to customers looking to increase power and performance by integrating HP Z Workstations with existing IT setups, part of the company’s unwavering commitment to the creative professional.

These products are the technology innovation engines of companies around the globe, designing everything from cars to blockbuster movies.

NASA is using mobile Z Workstations on the International Space Station and DreamWorks leverages Z Workstations for pioneering animated storytelling.

Learn more about the HP Z Workstation family:

Friday, May 20, 2016

Bram Desmet breaks down Flander Scientific Inc. New BoxIO NABShow 2016..!

Great to see all the guys over at Flanders Scientific Inc. This year at NABShow. Bram Desmet CEO & General Manager gives us a great breakdown of their new and exciting BoxIO. They come in several flavors for all levels of support. Without going into too much detail that the video will cover I can say this is a very cool Lut Box.

I am currently upgrading my edit suite with calibration hardware and Calman Studio Software from Spectracal. The boxes I'll be running are the eeColor(which kinda seems like they are not making these anymore or no updates but one of the least expensive options), and the Aja LUT-Box. So far I'm working on calibrating my Benq W1500 with eeColor and today will start calibrating my HP z27x with Calman Studio, Xrites i1 Display Pro probe and the Aja LUT-box. The BoxIO definitely have some awesome features my current Lut boxes don't support. Also the DIT cart they showed at NABShow was really awesome. I was fortunate to win the Tangent Element TK panel at the colorist mixer at Nab this year which motivated me to upgrade everything to add proper calibration in my edit suite(also met Jason Bowdach of Cinetic Studios an awesome colorist who also provided me some advice based on his own companies setup-we met in person after Robbie Carman demo'd the Lumetri panel with the Tangent Ripple in the NABShow  Adobe booth-too coo I might add:). I'm going to also look at setting up a similar DIT cart with the hardware and software I have now like Scopebox running on my early 2011 MacBookPro(since Scopebox is OSX Only).

All that being said...I'm looking at following up with a blog post on all this new color hardware and software with Spectracal Calman Studio but in the meantime if your looking for a LUT Box solution for your DIT cart or in your Post workflow these new FSI BoxIO look like the best new option out there(lil bit more pricey compared to what I own-but like everything you get what you pay for the money the Aja box is a great lil box). I'd definitely like to upgrade to one of these boxes as I expand with more capabilities on-location, in my studio, or edit suite.

FSI is a really great company which is equally as important as a great spec product(at times a product is only as good as the follow up and support they provide...and I've only heard amazing everyone uses FSI:). I've been covering their products for the past several years and have to say it's been great getting to know some of the guys over there like Bram, Kris, and Adam Patterson came by to visit me and my edit suite before NAB. Below is a photo side by side with a CM250 and my HP DreamColor z27x. Check out those blacks comparing backlit to oled(uber black...blacks)..!

 Below is a video on the NABShow 2016 showfloor with Bram Desmet breaking down BoxIO..!

Additional Details Below of the various FSI BoxIO boxes and options..!


Thanks for checking out my Blog..!


Ryanb. Aka: Filmguy

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pamela Ann Berry Atomos Product Ninja Demos Flame NABShow 2016...

Caught up with my friend Pamela this year in the Atomos booth. She was kind enough to give us a complete breakdown of all the benefits and robust features the Atomos Flame HDR monitor is capable of in a video below.

See how the Flame Series with AtomHDR will redefine the way you shoot with Log

~10-bit Monitor


~7” High bright 1500nit

~Build & Power Management


  Flame Series Key Features:

• With a Dynamic range to match that of a 10-bit camera LOG footage, AtomHDR monitors   deliver the detail in highlights and shadows usually clipped on traditional monitors.

• A highly advanced field monitor even in non-HDR scenarios with 1500nits brightness for outdoor
  shooting, native full HD resolution and optional calibration to ensure natural LCD colour drift can
  be corrected over time.



• Record direct from the sensor in pristine 4K UHD (up to 30p) or record HFR HD (up to 120p)

• Along with recording the high pixel density of 4K, the Ninja and Shogun Flame also record higher
  resolution 10-bit colour information and more precise yet efficient 4:2:2 colour encoding.

• Recording to Apple ProRes and AVID DNxHR visually lossless edit-ready codecs ensure you
  capture full individual frames like film, providing more flexibility and creativity in post. 
  Can be delivered to any standard – never worry about having your footage technically rejected
  due to the format again.

• Ready for real-word conditions with built-in armour protection, dual battery hot-swappable
  continuous power system to ensure you always have power and a raft of included accessories including a new fast charger and snap-fast sun hood.

• Our patented hot-swappable dual battery system for continuous power is backed up with the
  included power accessories (2 x 4-cell batteries, D-Tap adaptor & blazingly fast battery charger)

• An arsenal of creative weapons including focus and exposure tools, 3D Custom Looks, Waveforms(LUMA and RGB) and Vector Scopes ensure you set the shot up perfectly every time.

• XLR audio via breakout cables for Shogun Flame or 3.5mm line level input with audio delay, level adjustment and dedicated audio meters with channel selection for Ninja Flame.

• We support affordable, readily available SSDs from the world’s most trusted media brands.


Below is a video with Pamela on the NABShow floor in the Atomos booth with the 411 on Flame..!

Atomos Shogun & Ninja Flame - HDR & High Brightness Launch Trailer from Atomos Video on Vimeo.


More info at:

Please view the fill list of resellers here:

About Atomos
Atomos exist to help creative professionals cut through technology barriers by creating easy to use, cutting edge
products including 4K & HD Monitor-recorders, a pocket size Apple ProRes recorder, signal converters & power
management solutions. Each product serves a different need but all share the common benefit of enabling a faster,
higher quality and more affordable production schedule for video professionals.
Atomos is based in Australia with offices in the USA, Japan, China

Twitter: @Atomos_News

PS: Ian Foster of Atomos pays me a visit rollin the NINJA1 Subaru..!


Ryanb. Aka: Filmguy


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dave Helmly Adobe Premiere Pro New Features NABShow 2016...

Dave Helmly Head of Global Digital Audio/Video at Adobe Systems demos the top features coming in the next release for Adobe Creative Cloud in Premiere Pro.

Some of the things Dave shows us is the new Workflows including the new Proxies. He explains that it's really helpful for all the newer high resolution workflows where the timeline gets longer it may make sense to switch to proxies. Also this will really help if you are on a lesser powered machine like a mobile laptop or one with a less capable graphics card this is for you.

Also Lumetri has been updated and HSL Secondaries have been added. Now it will be much easier to create a key and change specific colors like he demos on the gentleman's jacket how easy it is now to turn it into whatever color you desire with very little effort thanks to this new addition. Another huge addition is control surface support. Now the Tangent panels like the wave, or the element will be supported. I am testing this now and have to say...this is so awesome..! Also a big announcement is the new Tangent Ripple which comes to market at a USD price of only $350 is incredible. I got to see Robbie Carman in the Adobe Booth at NABShow demoing the use of the Ripple controlling the Lumetri panel and as he said to the me step away from the computer so you can see that I'm not using the mouse or keyboard to control the Lumetri panel.

Another cool company being shown for control surface support as well is a new company to me called Palette Gear. What is really unique about their product is that it's modular. You can build up as few or as many lil I'll call pod pieces from programmable knobs, buttons to sliders they can all be mapped to certain functions in your nle, audio application, or other various applications that can support Palette. I'd like to take a closer look at this in the future.

Captions gets a big improvement as well. Dave shows us how is and capable it is. Changing colors, various fonts supported, all very dynamic.

VR or 360 video is uber big all over NABShow this year. Nearly everywhere you looked you could find something to do with VR. Adobe also has some support for VR. Some of the new capabilities will allow you to bring in your 360 or VR video stitched and be able to change the views from 4:3 to wide views, zoom around, or put on glasses and really get immersed into the Virtual Reality. Also support for 3rd Party plugins like Mettle for example.

Lastly Dave shows us the new Media Encoder options for exports which also include a new VR option.

As you can see Adobe is always improving their already very capable nle with more professionals switching to Premiere and Big Hollywood movies like Gone Girl, Hail Caesar, and Deadpool all heavily used Adobe products to create those films it's no wonder we are getting some really amazing updates.

Looking forward for you all to start enjoying the new features.

Here's a video with Dave Helmly in the Adobe Booth at NABShow 2016..!

A video on the Pallete Gear control surfaces that are now supported in Premiere and other Adobe apps..!

Below is a shot of the $350 Tangent Ripple that was on display in the Adobe NABShow Booth..!
VR and Premiere Pro with Mettle Skybox 360/VR Tools..!


Ryanb. Aka: Filmguy

Monday, April 18, 2016

HP Announces New Z1 G3 Workstation and RGS Software for the Mac Community...

So here I am in Las Vegas for NABShow. So much going on it's hard to soak it all in.  Last night I attended an HP and Nvidia Sponsored event for VR with The Foundry. Wow VR is coming and it's going to be pretty amazing. Within the past couple of weeks HP has made some announcements. You can check out my post on the new HP VR Workstations. Give it a read to learn more.

Today HP announced the update to the Z1 all in one workstation. This may not seem like a new concept...certainly apple has had their iMac which has had more refreshes than we've seen the MacPro. You can read my thoughts on the MacPro.

When you start to look at the machines from Apple and HP you might see a trend. HP continues to innovate and bring to market more features under the hood as a direct result of listening to their customers(which some in recent years on the Apple side have not felt the same experience-can't speak mac users in general but I myself was frustrated with the focus on iDevices over their Pro Apps and Computers. I've since moved my workflow over to HP in my lab...and yes my Macbook Pro is still around...possibly more useful now with the RGS coming to Mac). We saw that with the first gen HP Z1. Tool less so you can swap parts, make upgrades and so on. This is possible on a iMac but it's not as straight forward imo. Also the graphics, ecc memory, turbo drives, and more all add up to me a very powerful stand alone workstation. If you're looking for an all in one I think you'll be really excited to see the latest update. More info below from the new release.

The other area that has been an issue for facility and end users is working in an environment where macs exist. Many artist are on Mac. We are starting to see a lot more over to bigger faster and more capable workstations like the HP Z Workstation but at the end of the day not everyone is ready to make a change or in some cases artist are happy to work on their laptop or macbook pro. So up to now remote graphics software that is available for HP Workstations with windows, now Mac users can dive in and also take advantage remotely. What does that mean. Well their are artist that might work or want to work from home to avoid traffic and having to go back and forth when they could just stay at home and work on a Mac but actually utilizing the horespower of much more capable and powerful Workstations. So today HP has once again brought more flexibility to the end user and larger facilities that already have HP Z Workstations in place. Up till now they other end had to be another windows machine. No longer. Now the artist will be able to in install the software on their mac and connect just like I would on my HP Elitebook or ZBook etc. I can just stay at home and work just like I was at the facility. This is very welcome news...and I wouldn't be surprised if more users start this way and eventually consider moving over to an HP.

So year after year...HP continues to bring solutions for the large facilities as well as the end user artist. How cool would that be to just log in from home on my Macbook Pro or anywhere and continue to keep the project moving forward.

These two announcements I think are really great. A more compact sleep HP Z1 Workstations that's easily serviceable and software that brings the Mac User into the same workflow. So you really have more options than ever..!

Jeff Wood HP VP of Workstation and Thin Clients in the NABShow Secret Suite talking HP Z1..!

Also Jeff Wood talks about the new RGS(Remote Graphics Software)coming soon to Mac..!

Below is the new release:

HP Inc. Packs Power and Performance into World’s First Workstation All-in-One

Unveils software to enhance performance for Mac users

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 18, 2016 – HP Inc. today announced a bold evolution and a series of updates to the world’s first workstation all-in-one1 -- the new HP Z1 G3 Workstation - combining the simplicity of an All-in-One design with performance typically found in traditional tower workstations.

Built for demanding users, the third generation HP Z1 Workstation is smaller, thinner and lighter delivering screaming performance at a great value.

·        47 percent smaller, 51percent lighter and 21 percent less expensive than the previous generation.

·        23.6 inch diagonal anti-glare UHD 4K display for the outstanding visual clarity when working on graphic intensive projects.

·        Intel® Xeon® processor options for powerful workstation-class processing technology for the most demanding applications.

HP also detailed its new receiver software for Apple® Mac® OS X. Using HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS),2 the receiver is designed to give Mac users access to their high-end HP Z Workstations. HP RGS allows engineers, animators and scientists to securely use the performance, files and applications on their HP Workstation, even when they are away from that workstation. 

“We took our groundbreaking, and most innovative workstation- the original Z1-and reinvented it by listening to our customers to create a new smaller, lighter and lower cost model,” said Jeff Wood, vice president and general manager, Workstations and Thin Clients, HP Inc. “The new Z1 will introduce more new customers to workstation power and reliability, while HP RGS with a Mac Receiver will open doors to more Apple customers wanting to integrate our powerful Z Workstations.”

HP Z1 G3 Built for Engineers, Artists and Education

The HP Z1 G3 continues to offer professionals the ability to bundle all the features of a workstation in a compelling AiO form factor. New functionalities and technologies in the next generation bring accelerated performance and greater reliability to the all-in-one workstation class.

“We are blessed to have one of the best, most well-equipped labs in the country,” says Howard Cook, assistant professor, C/T at the Digital Animation Center. “HP Z1 Workstations are speedy, robust machines. And we like the compact form factor.”

The HP Z1 is designed leveraging 30 years of HP Z DNA with extensive ISV certifications and a minimum of 115,000 hours of testing in HP's Total Test Process. The Z1 features:

·        A 23.6 inch diagonal anti-glare UHD 4K display for outstanding visual clarity.

·        Intel® Xeon® quad-core3, 64 GB ECC memory.4,5

·        NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics.

·        Dual PCIe HP Z Turbo Drives6 for speedy boot up, calculation, and response times for large files. Users can maximize storage by adding up to two additional 2.5" SATA SSDs or HDDs.4

·        Multiple ports to quickly and easily transfer data and connect devices including side access dual Thunderbolt 3 with USB 3.1, USB charging port, media card reader, DisplayPort, and more.

HP RGS Receiver for Mac Deepens Integration for Workstation Customers

Mac users can experience maximum performance by multi-tasking between native Mac OS apps and super-charged Windows or Linux workstation applications through HP RGS. With HP RGS, users of Mac or MacBook® products can:

·        Connect seamlessly across the office or world to a Windows or Linux workstation session for joint development, interactive edits and design reviews.

·        Access business-critical, high-performance 2D, 3D, video and media-rich applications.

·        View graphics rich content on a single display or on multi-monitor setups.

·        Connect to a fully loaded HP Z840 Workstation – it is like upgrading your Mac with up to 9x the processing cores, 30x the memory and adding professional NVIDIA Quadro graphics.

·        Accomplish render time and editing of ultra-high res video content and FX at exponentially faster speeds.

The HP RGS Receiver for Mac is just one of the tools that HP provides to customers looking to increase power and performance by integrating HP Z Workstations with existing computers and workflows. The HP Workstation technical and research and development teams have worked closely with partners in industry’s such as animation, special FX, product design, research facilities and universities making this transition to provide innovative workflow optimizations – like the ability to quickly swap the Windows button with the Apple Command key on the keyboard.

HP Z Workstation software and tools are part of the company’s unwavering commitment to the creative professional. These products are the technology innovation engines of companies around the globe, designing everything from automobiles to block-buster movies.

Pricing and Availability

    The HP Z1 G3 is expected to be available in May starting at $1498.
    HP Remote Graphics Software is available now for HP Z Desktop and ZBook Mobile Workstations as a free download for existing HP Z Workstation customers. The Mac receiver is free for HP RGS users and is coming soon. HP RGS sender licenses can also be purchased for use on supported, non-HP hardware.

About HP Inc.

HP Inc. creates technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. Through our portfolio of printers, PCs, mobile devices, solutions, and services, we engineer experiences that amaze. More information about HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ) is available at

Legal Disclaimers

1.       IDC Q4’15 WW WS Historical Tracker 02.10.16

2.       HP RGS requires a Windows, Linux or OS X 10.10 and newer operating system and network access.

3.       Multi-Core is designed to improve performance of certain software products. Not all customers or software applications will necessarily benefit from use of this technology. Performance and clock frequency will vary depending on application workload and your hardware and software configurations. Intel’s numbering is not a measurement of higher performance.

4.       Intel® Xeon® E3 can support either ECC or non-ECC memory.   Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 processors only support non-ECC memory.

5.       Sold separately or as an optional feature.

6.       Not all features are available in all editions or versions of Windows. Systems may require upgraded and/or separately purchased hardware, drivers, software or BIOS update to take full advantage of Windows functionality. Windows 10 is automatically updated, which is always enabled. ISP fees may apply and additional requirements may apply over time for updates. See

7.       For hard drives, 1 GB = 1 billion bytes. 1 TB = 1 trillion bytes. Actual formatted capacity is less. Up to 30 GB (for Windows 10) of disk space is reserved for the system recovery software.

© 2016 HP Inc. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.