El-Deane Naude Sr. Product Information Manager at Sony Electronics Inc. NABShow 2014

Super cool talk with El-Deane Naude Sr. Product Information Manager at Sony Electronics Inc.about the uber exciting Sony Alpha A7s. This lil gem can literally shoot in the dark. Small enough to carry in your pocket but packs a Full Frame Sensor not like we’ve seen from any camera company in the past. I’m obviously really excited to see more and follow this new product from Sony…and I’m a Red Epic Owner/Opp. Could easily see this in my Kit…looks like it’s got a lot of promise and surely won’t break the bank. So sit back and get the 411 from El-Deane..!

Paul McAnnif Pro Market Specialist Engineering and Solutions Canon NABShow 2014

Always great to get all the latest from Paul McAniff breaking down their popular Cinema EOS line of cameras, new PL and EF 17-200 Zoom Cine Lens, also how they are incorporating their HD camers and the 4K C500 over 3G SDI in Broadcast environments with a Grass Valley Kayenne Switcher, EVS EPSIO Zoom to extract better pictures. So sit back and get all the details..

Wayne Andrews Senior Product Marketing Manager NABShow 2014

Always enjoy speaking with my freind Wayne Andrews over at Matrox. This year they have a really cool update to their Matrox VS4 Card/Recorder. Wayne goes over all the benefits, formats, and how this product can help you with your live video productions. Kick back and see what’s the latest with the VS4 Recorder in the NABShow 2014 Matrox Booth..!