FSI Flanders Scientific Inc. NabShow 2013

Stopped by the FSI NabShow 2013 Booth and got the 411 from Bram Desmet on 5 brand new monitors and some of the latest features they offer..!
  FSI Nabshow Master 2013 from Ryanb. Aka: Filmguy on Vimeo.


You’ve been asking and we’ve been listening so we are particularly excited to announce a new 32″ reference monitor. This unit features a true 10 bit panel, exceptional contrast ratio, and the full complement of powerful features found across the entire FSI monitor lineup. In addition to being an exceptional monitor for all of your 2D monitoring needs the CM320TD is also a 3D capable display featuring in-monitor multiplexing. The CM320TD also comes equipped with updated hardware capabilities previously not found on FSI monitors including a second generation Color Fidelity Engine (CFE2) allowing for simultaneous application of Calibration and Look LUTs and the ability to monitor two live inputs at the same time, including mixed input type and formats. Only $5,495. Ships in June. Now available for preorder.


Like the CM320TD the new 24″ CM240 comes equipped with our 2nd generation Color Fidelity Engine and the addition of Dual-Link SDI Inputs to complement the 3G/HD/SD-SDI, Component, Composite, and DVI-I inputs that were already standard on Flanders Scientific monitors. Side-by-Side Monitoring of any two inputs and formats is also standard on the new CM240. Only $4,995. Ships in June. Now available for preorder.


The 17.3″, native HD (1920×1080) resolution CM171 features the same new capabilities found on the CM240 and is an incredibly lightweight (just 9lbs.) and power efficient (24 Watts) reference monitor well suited to a wide variety of applications. Like the CM320TD & CM240 the CM171 is equipped with a 10 bit panel capable of reproducing over 1.073 billion colors on screen. The new CFE2 system allows users to import look LUTs without having to profile the panel with a probe and use those simultaneously with any of the standard calibration LUTs found on the monitor, including Rec 709, EBU, SMPTE-C, DCI-P3, and custom user created calibration LUTs. Only $3,295. Ships in June. Now available for preorder.

BM210 & BM230

Last, but certainly not least, FSI will be showcasing new units that incorporate the advanced features and color management capabilities of the CM series reference monitors into two truly affordable broadcast monitors, the 21.5″ BM210 & 23″ BM230. These units feature the same 12 bit signal processing engine, CFE2 color management system, and side-by-side monitoring capabilities of the new CM series monitors described above, but are built around native 8 bit panels instead of the more expensive 10 bit panels found on the CM series. For many applications the 10 bit color depth of the CM series units is simply not needed and the new BM210 & BM230 allow you to purchase significantly more affordable monitors for these applications without sacrificing the other advanced features found on the top of the line units. Both the BM210 & BM230 start shipping in June. BM210 Only $2,495. Preorder Now. BM230 Only $2,995. Preorder Now.

An Early Look at Upcoming Features

SLog2 Monitoring Modes, New Remote Control Capabilities, & Custom Curve Editor
At NAB this year we will be showcasing many soon to be released new features for all FSI monitors.
  • SLog2 Monitoring Modes will be added to the already available SLog, CLog, & BMD-Log monitoring options.
  • Remote control update allowing for more direct access to specific functions from a computer or tablet based remote interface. As part of this update we will be showcasing a tablet based application that allows for direct selection of specific scope modes and other advanced functions via a wireless bluetooth adapter.
  • Custom Curve Editor software that allows for the creation, manipulation, and import of basic custom 1D curves. These can be used to create simple custom Log monitoring modes for a wide variety of sources.
  • We will also be showcasing the recently added 3D LUT import capabilities allowing for custom LUT import from compatible 3rd party color management software, like LightIllusion’s advanced LightSpace CMS, to any FSI monitor with a CFE or CFE2 board. Yes, this includes even the very cost effective BM210 & BM230!

Ikan Corp NabShow 2013

Stopped by and spoke to Ross Grasse of Ikan Corp NabShow 2013 Booth and got the 411 on their latest & greatest Monitors!
  Ikan Corp NabShow 2013 from Ryanb. Aka: Filmguy on Vimeo.  
The D7w is one of the newest, sturdiest additions to the family of Ikan field monitors. The D7w is a 7” (digital only) on camera field monitor devised for the video professional who utilizes various input types and power options. Its sleek yet durable aluminum construction dissipates heat and greatly enhances the D7w’s longevity. The D7w is equipped with peaking and false color features that the VX series is renown for plus it has an IPS (In-plane switching) panel which puts out vibrant colors and great viewing angles. The D7w’s technological advances give you the features you need at prices you want.
Waveform This essential feature assists with the calibration of professional video cameras. It shows the overall brightness of the image assisting the video professional in correcting exposure. The waveform feature also checks the evenness of the lighting when lighting a chromakey or background. Vectorscope The D7w uses vectorscope to help set and verify skin tones and monitor white balance. The vectorscope function also verifies and checks the overall tint and hue of an image. RGB Parade The RGB parade splits the image into separate red, green, and blue channels and shows you the color values for each. RGB Parade is fundamental in balancing out the shadow region when leveling a shot. Furthermore, this feature helps the video professional to instantly see what color cast might be in an image; thus, making it extremely helpful when verifying the white balance.

Features You Need 1280 X 800 IPS HD PANEL With the D7w’s 7-inch 1280 X 800 IPS HD panel what you see is truly what you get! The IPS HD Panel delivers near perfect viewing angles outputting crisp, clear shots on the field, which means less time in the editing room. The D7w’s IPS HD Panel is the tool of choice for high quality color reproduction.

DURABLE ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION The D7w’s frame is constructed with heavy-duty aluminum making it perfect for the video professional bouncing from set to set. Its solid, roughed design ensures the D7w performs at its best even in the roughest terrains. The D7w’s durable chassis protects the monitor from the element’s and unpredictable weather ensuring the monitor’s reliability and longevity.

Flexible Battery System The D7w has a flexible battery system that supports ikan’s BP5 battery plate of your choice.

ADVANCED SOFTWARE FEATURES The D7w is loaded with advanced software features like false color, peaking, movable pixel-to-pixel and DSLR scaling. Each of these features is highly effective in their own right creating a smooth workflow for superior results. With all the features you need at the prices you want the D7w provides endless possibilities for the video professional.


Eizo 2k & 4K Monitors NabShow 2013

  Eizo NabShow 2013 from Ryanb. Aka: Filmguy on Vimeo.
@EizoUSA shows off their latest 2 & 4K Professional Monitors. For more info go to: http://www.eizo.com/na/

Color Management Monitors ColorEdge Professional Level CG Series

Color Stability and Accuracy for Video Production

Color Stability and Accuracy for Video Production

For any type of professional video editing or post production work, a monitor that accurately displays color to industry standards is an indispensable tool. ColorEdge offers a wide selection of monitors that meet a studio or broadcaster’s needs for both editing and reference monitors. In addition, 3D LUTs can be imported using the bundled ColorNavigator software to emulate filmlook on a ColorEdge monitor’s screen.
graph Color Stability and Accuracy for Video Production

5-Year Warranty

A 5-year manufacturer’s warranty ensures longevity and brings piece of mind. In addition, the backlight is warranted for three years at a brightness of up to 100 cd/m2 or more depending on the model with the usage time at a maximum of 10,000 hours. (See individual product specifications for further details on brightness warranty.)
5 years warranty
Convenience and Performance

Convenience and Performance

Display of black is critical when editing video in a dark studio. Bringing out the details in blacks is usually difficult with an LCD monitor because its backlight is always lit up, but the ColorEdge CG246 and CG276 have high contrast ratios so the dark tones retain their depth. They also come with backlit control buttons to improve visibility in dimly-lit environments and an on-screen button guide to indicate what each button is for. 1080/24p playback, 10-bit grayscale range display, and a 3D lut are also included with most ColorEdge CG monitors so you can use them for a wide range of tasks from editing to confirmation.

Predictable Color with Any Media

With content published on so many different types of printed and digital media it’s critical to know how your clients will see color. A ColorEdge monitor and the bundled ColorNavigator software let you do just that as they are designed for both softproofing and digital device emulation. So now you can “predict” how color will appear to your clients whether you produce content for printed media like books and magazines or for digital media devices like tablets, smart phones, and notebook computers.
Predictable Color with Any Media

Editing and Master Monitor

The ColorEdge CG232W meets the various demands of post-production, including color grading, image evaluation, and nonlinear editing for broadcasting. A button on the monitor’s front bezel for switching between PC and SDI signals lets studio professionals do both video editing and reference (playback) on a single monitor.
ColoeEdge CG232W