Monday, April 8, 2013 Official NabShow Blogger

Hello and Welcome all..! Another Amazing 2013 Nabshow..! 

This year I bring you video coverage from 17 different companies. You'll get all the latest:

The List of Companies Include(Titles in Red active & have vids up too)!:

1. Blackmagic Design
*Pocket Cinema Cam, 4K BMCC, Resolve v10(highlights)

2. Red Digital Cinema
*Ted at Red talks 4, 5, 6K, Dragon, & The Clean Room(as they upgrade Epics with the latest Dragon Sensor)

3. Hewlett-Packard
*Dan Bennett Breaks downs Workstations HP Z820, HP Z1, and DreamColor ZR2440 Display

*Bram Desmet talks their new series of Professional Broadcast Monitors

*Discusses 25yrs of ATTO, and their latest & greatest products!

*Steven Smith takes you on a tour of the booth and products!

*Michael A Krulik show off new features in AMC v7

*Nic Rios & Ryanb. Aka: Filmguy talk latest products..!

*Dave Helmly shows off new features in Premiere Pro Next..!

*Tony Cacciarelli tells us about a few cool new products..! 

*Sean Mullen tells us about their amazing plugins for Mac/Win..!

*Talks their 4K Professional Computer Monitors..!

13. Matrox 
*Dan Maloney talks about Mojito 4K RT Card & Multi-Award Winning Matrox Monarch HD Appliance..!

*Talk their new Digital Cinema Cameras F5 and F55..!

*Michael Schiehlen introduces us to the new line of Lenses...!

*Ryan Avery tells us about the exciting new Anamorphic Streak Filters..!

*Ross Grasse tells us about their latest in IPS Professional Monitors..!

Hope you enjoy the videos that will be coming soon..!



Ryanb. Aka: Filmguy

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