HP pulls curtain on ZBook x2 at Adobe Max in Las Vegas…

HP brings to Market a sick n slick uber powerful detachable PC that’s designed to solve the performance issue with mobility that aritst have been accustomed to with the previous offerings that have come to market. Not only is this new mobile PC powerful it’s also very stylish.


A close up look at the beautifully designed ZBook x2…

LAS VEGAS, NV – October 18, 2017 |

Today at Adobe® MAX, HP will showcase the world’s most powerful detachable PC1 designed to solve the performance and mobility needs of artists, designers and digital imaging professionals who need to push Adobe Creative Cloud® and other professional applications to the limit. The performance of the HP ZBook x2, the world’s first detachable workstation,15 increases productivity and allows digital creators and storytellers the freedom to work when and where inspiration strikes. 


HP’s reinvention of detachable PCs began earlier this year with the introduction of the HP Spectre x2 and the HP Elite x2. Today’s introduction of the HP ZBook x2 completes HP’s trifecta with its most powerful detachable solution targeted for the creative community. With this new offering, HP is extending its PC leadership by pioneering a new era for detachable PCs that offer superb performance, elegance and efficiency. 


“As the world’s most powerful and first detachable PC workstation, there is no device better suited to turn the vision of artists and designers into reality,” said Xavier Garcia, vice president and general manager, HP Z Workstations, HP Inc. “With the HP ZBook x2, we are delivering the perfect tool to accelerate the creative process – with unprecedented power, performance and natural ease-of-use. This device will make it easier than ever for creators to do what they do best – bring inspiring new ideas to life and enrich the world around us.” 


Liberating Digital Creativity 

The HP ZBook x2 allows designers to effortlessly create with quad-core Intel® Core™ processors2, twice the memory of any other detachable PC3 and NVIDIA® Quadro® Graphics that deliver 73 percent higher graphics performance compared to the Surface Pro4. A quiet, dual-fan active cooling system is designed to dissipate heat from the powerful graphics card and processor. To better meet the needs of the creative community, including Adobe users, HP also developed customizable, application-aware HP Quick Keys, to provide artists with 18 time-saving shortcuts. 

“At Adobe, our goal is to accelerate creativity. Creative Cloud is the platform that enables us to deliver powerful innovation in our apps and cloud-based services supported by Adobe Sensei with artificial intelligence at the heart of every customer experience,” said Mala Sharma, vice president and general manager, Creative Cloud Product, Marketing and Community. “Adobe is thrilled with our collaboration with HP, which we know will further fuel creativity and give Creative Cloud members more power and freedom to create wherever inspiration strikes.” 

Today, many creative professionals use multiple devices such as a MacBook Pro plus an iPad to accomplish the same tasks that can be done on the HP ZBook x2. Knowing that ultimate mobility is important, HP created a single device that delivers the same performance capabilities from inking to docked mode. 


HP’s most versatile detachable to date, the HP ZBook x2 operates in four modes: laptop, detached, docked and tablet. 


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In laptop mode, the HP ZBook x2 is a powerful mobile workstation with a keyboard leveraged from the HP ZBook Studio. 


·  In detached mode, it allows users to create on the tablet with HP’s most accurate and expressive pen while still having full access to all of their shortcut keys with the Bluetooth®-enabled keyboard off to the side. 

· In docked mode, the HP ZBook x2 can power two additional 4K displays or five total displays. 

·  In tablet mode, it maintains full graphics performance allowing users to capture ideas with powerful NVIDIA 3D graphics. 


Using HP’s most natural pen with the HP ZBook x2, users can create without interruption as the pen never needs to be charged. The battery-less, HP-designed pen based on Wacom EMR technology, responds instantly to every nuance of the artist’s hand for natural motion. The HP ZBook x2 offers 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity with multi-directional tilt capabilities and includes a dedicated eraser. 


As a member of the world’s most secure and manageable mobile workstation family10, the HP ZBook x2 features HP Sure Start Gen311 for BIOS protection, TPM 2.0 for hardware-based encryption to secure credentials, secure authentication methods through the Smart Card Reader and HP’s Client Security Suite Gen312 to protect data, device and identity, including facial recognition and fingerprint reader. 


HP ZBook x2 Highlights 

The HP ZBook x2 embodies the intersection of mobility and performance in a fully-machined, aluminum and die-cast magnesium body starting at just 3.64 pounds5 and 14.6 mm thin when in tablet mode, and 4.78 pounds5 and 20.3 mm in laptop mode. The HP ZBook x2 has a stunning 14-inch diagonal, 4K multi-touch display with an optional 10-bit, one-billion color6 HP DreamColor display calibrated to 100 percent of Adobe RGB. The HP ZBook x2 has the world’s most advanced detachable PC display16 and includes an anti-glare touchscreen allowing users to immerse themselves while working in any lighting condition. At the desk, it can power dual 4K displays from the HP ZBook Dock with Thunderbolt™ 37. 


This detachable PC has up to 10 hours of battery life13 for maximum productivity and ultra-fast recharge (50 percent in just 30 minutes8). The HP ZBook x2 offers up to 4.2 GHz of Intel®Turbo Boost, 32 GB RAM over dual channels for more responsiveness under heavier workloads like complex layering in Photoshop. The model’s HP Z Turbo Drive storage is up to 6X faster than SATA SSD and up to 21X faster than traditional HDD storage. The HP ZBook x2 offers up to 2 TB9 of local PCIe storage and incorporates a full-sized SD card slot, perfect for professional photographers. Using the dock or Thunderbolt 3 ports on the HP ZBook x2, it can transfer large files from cameras, external storage, phones and other peripherals. 

Designed to go anywhere and handle the toughest workloads, the HP ZBook x2 mobile workstation is designed to pass MIL-STD 810G testing14. The HP ZBook x2 also undergoes dozens of tests for certification and optimized performance with the industry’s leading software providers like Adobe and Autodesk. 



HP ZBook x2 is scheduled for availability in December starting at $1,749. The datasheet is available here.

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HP Z Series Workstation Family is here..!

Insanely Fast…but more importantly upgradeable. This means that the screaming fast machine today will still be equally fast if you decide to upgrade cpu’s, gpu’s, ram etc. over time. Why is this so awesome and why should this matter…you buy a computer for your needs today right. True but you also have to consider realistically how many years can you get outta your initial investment…how long will it keep up to the ever demanding market with 8K, 360, VR, AR and so on.   HP Z-Class Workstations are nothing new…they’ve been around for awhile. I myself have been using them for about 5 plus years. I was a Mac Guy previously. You can check out some of my older post if you’re considering the switch. So that being said. The HP Workstations are truly a well designed and build machine. They have a good track record of building solid workstations that meet not just todays demanding needs but into the future. I’ve continued to upgrade my Z840 the past several year where with my Macs that became less and less possible…so these new Z’s are looking pretty amazing to give you so much flexibility over time.

To give you some specs that might get you excited to see how fast it can crunch your work. The new Z8 on the top-end features 24 RAM slots and up to 3TB of RAM, dual Xeon CPUs(up to 56 cores), dual M.2 SSDs as well as dual NVIDIA Quadro Pro graphics cards. Apps like Fusion, Davinci Resolve, 3D applications, and any other app that can tap into these incredible hardware specs.

On the Mainboard your going to find 10 USB 3.1 G2 Type C ports, dual Gig-E ports, seven full-length full height PCIe slot(up to nine total). TBv3 add-in. Also to keep up with today’s demanding power requirement especially if you max GPU’s they’ve upgraded the Power Supply from 1125w to 1700w with invective ducting. Speaking of GPU’s…setup your machine with a pair of NVIDIA 24GB P6000 Quadros, a couple Intel Platinum 8180M 28 cores and your well over $30k.


Comparing to previous gen3 Z840 I currently own some of the major differences are the Chassis is improved to house the power supply on the side leaving more room above for expansion like PCIe cards. The more powerful power supply makes it better for running GPU’s that require more power than the Quadro’s for example. Also you’ll notice internally the plugs are now 6+2 for 8pin GPU’s. This will really keep the machine cleaner not having to get adapters that can restrict airflow or just get in your way with upgrades. Since the design is updated you get more slots and you are now allowed to put Zdrives above on the additional slots where the previous gen thunderbolt cards had to go on a certain slot, or turbo drives had to be dedicated slot which could interfere with your build…especially for me since I typically ran dual Titans.

I’ll have to admit I’m less familiar with the Z4 and Z6 flavor of workstations…I’ve always ran a top of the line Mac and when I switched that didn’t change with HP. That being said these are even more flexible than previous gen models. You’ll still get a lot of bang for your buck here. The Z4 base is $1239. The Z6 is $1919 and then you’ll add your graphics, memory, CPUs…as well as some smaller items for finish your build.

The only item left now is your Monitor. HP also brought to market a pretty cool new 38″ curved display. Immerse yourself in the 21:9 aspect ratio, 4K 3840 x 1600 resolution display with optimized pixel density so icons and text are ideal sizes leaving you more time to be creative.


To learn more go to www.hp.comhttp://www.hp.com/

HP Debuts Worlds Most Powerful Wearable VR PC..!

I had the opportunity to see what HP is bringing to market in the realm of Virtual Reality at the Technicolor Experience Center in LA. Some of the highlights were the new HP Z Backpack as well as various workstations VR Ready, VR Desktop, and something they call Project Mars.

Having an opportunity to see an early prototype of the backpack…I really liked what I saw today with their new VR Backpack they just announced. The overall design was more streamlined compared to the earlier version I saw. The upper and lower straps were able to hold the computer on your back comfortably while feeling solid with a gap between you and the computer to reduce heat. The fins along the sides allow the air to pass out and it’s rather quite compared to similar backpacks. The computer itself will quick disconnect from the vest to allow you to dock it like a desktop when it’s not being worn on your back. The batteries have a nice quick locking disconnect that are hot swappable. There is also a battery internally that can continue to power the computer if both batteries go down…giving you enough time to swap them for some fully charged batteries and still continue to have the VR experience but in a throttled state. I was told that the batteries in their charger would get them from discharged to 80% charged in one hour or about 2 hours for 100%. There is also a way to strap the goggles onto the front strap to allow you to remove the goggles but still have it attached to the backpack. When docked this can serve a desktop VR machine with multiple I/O so this can be a versatile machine both on the desktop and as a wearable. Also a first the GPU inside is powered by the latest mobile Nvidia Quadro P5200(speed is on par with a desktop Nvidia 1080). The CPU inside is the latest 7th generation Intel i7 core V-Pro so nothing should slow you down. Overall this is a very well designed VR backpack surely to find itself on a lot of desktops and of course on user backs.

More info below from HP.

New VR portfolio, including the world’s first professional wearable VR PC, makes HP the partner of choice for immersive customer experiences


LOS ANGELES, Aug. 1, 2017 – HP today announced a unified approach and commercial solutions for virtual reality (VR), positioning itself as the partner of choice for businesses looking to reduce concept to production cycle times, improve training procedures and deliver fully immersive customer experiences. As part of this strategy, the company is unveiling the world’s first professional wearable VR PC1 – the new HP Z VR Backpack. Crafted to bring the full potential of VR to-life, it is the world’s most secure and manageable wearable VR PC2 ever created.


“Virtual reality is changing the way people learn, communicate and create,” said Xavier Garcia, vice president and general manager, Z Workstations, HP Inc. “Making the most of this technology requires a collaborative relationship between customers and partners. As a leader in technology, HP is uniting powerful commercial VR solutions, including new products like the HP Z VR Backpack, with customer needs to empower VR experiences our customers can use today to reinvent the future.”


The opportunities for commercial VR are limitless for businesses in product design, architecture, healthcare, first responder training, automotive and entertainment. Emerging technologies like VR create breakthrough experiences for customers – from reinventing the buying experience in automotive showrooms to changing the way hospitals train their staff.


HP’s Winning Approach to VR


HP’s approach to virtual reality is founded upon its rich history of product innovation and deeply rooted customer relationships. HP works as an extension of its customers’ businesses, which enables it to deliver the most immersive technologies that help businesses lead their industries. HP technology not only provides commercial-grade reliability, but also established world-class partnerships that bring together the complete VR ecosystem with Intel, NVIDIA, Technicolor, HTC Vive and others.


The company is investing in immersive virtual and augmented reality technologies to give customers and partners superb tools for commercial VR use cases. This effort solidifies HP’s long-term commitment to VR and helping customers use VR to reinvigorate their business. Thirteen immersion centers will open later this year in Palo Alto, Houston, Boise, Fort Collins, Stockholm, London, Paris, Barcelona, Boeblingen, Beijing, Sydney, Tokyo and Singapore, and have been designed so customers can have an immersive experience using HP VR technology and receive consulting and learn how to best deploy VR devices within their business to streamline workflows.


The Mobility to Transform – HP Z VR Backpack

*Josh Peterson shows the hot swap locking batteries on the new HP Z VR Backpack above.


The HP Z VR Backpack solution provides the freedom to move and maintain total immersion with high-octane visual performance and docking capabilities that transform it into a manageable, powerful desktop PC experience. The HP Z VR Backpack is a catalyst for more powerful VR experiences across many enterprises and businesses including the following use case examples:



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• Businesses can use VR to deliver safe and effective simulated training in dangerous environments, in medical training or for heavy/large equipment operations. In all these environments costly mistakes can be avoided with effective VR training solutions using the HP Z VR Backpack.

• In architectural building development, virtual walkthroughs at scale for client reviews can help quickly close the deal.

• In product development where product concepts are reviewed, executive agreement and sign off for new product styling can be done in virtual product showrooms.

• In commercial entertainment, new location-based entertainment centers featuring exhilarating virtual reality experiences can now be realized with the HP Z VR Backpack.


With the workstation-class HP Z VR Backpack, the full potential of VR is brought to-life. HP’s fully immersive and untethered VR Backpack is light with an ergonomic backpack design and hot swappable batteries to provide unrestricted freedom within an immersive experience. It has high-end processing power and the latest high-fidelity graphic solution to help prevent disruptive dropped frames so users can work in VR for as long as needed. The Intel® Core™ i7 vPro™ processor provides the power to process applications quickly and includes the vPro chipset. The HP Z VR Backpack is the first wearable VR PC in the market with the NVIDIA® Quadro® P5200 with a huge 16GB video memory3. Finally, its docking solution lets digital creators quickly transition back and forth between high powered desktop for content design and wearable VR PC to validate creations. The HTC Vive™ Business Edition HMD (sold separately) is part of the HP VR portfolio. HP Z VR Backpack is scheduled to be available in September starting at $3,299 USD. The datasheet is available here.


The HP VR Product Portfolio


HP’s versatile, high-powered devices empower customers to create and consume VR content. HP’s commercial grade products are designed for mission critical business applications that require high levels of security, manageability, reliabilty and ISV certified applications.


The HP ZBook 17 Mobile Workstation delivers ultimate power and performance and can be configured with the optimal horsepower and graphics solutions to bring VR content to-life in an ultra-smooth 90 FPS VR experience.


HP Z Desktop Workstations are designed to create visually stimulating, accurate and compelling VR content. HP Z Workstations desktops feature the latest processors and graphics cards and are built to stay quiet, cool and reliable for graphic-intensive tasks.


The HP EliteDesk 800 G3 Tower, a VR-certified PC, features high performance and expandability in a stylishly redesigned 26 percent smaller chassis for the modern workplace. It is ideal for companies wanting to future-proof their technology and deliver state-of-the-art capabilities.


The OMEN X Compact Desktop brings gamers an immersive experience. The factory-overclocked GPU from NVIDIA and versatile form factor means it can dock and undock quickly for gaming anywhere or can be used as a backpack for an untethered consumer VR gaming experience.


Project Mars

HP also announced HP Mars Home Planet, a project in partnership with NVIDIA, Technicolor, Fusion, Autodesk®, Unreal, Launch Forth and Vive. The collaboration will create a global online co-creation community to reinvent life on Mars for one million humans, in virtual reality.


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About HP
HP Inc. creates technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. Through our portfolio of printers, PCs, mobile devices, solutions, and services, we engineer experiences that amaze. More information about HP Inc. is available at http://www.hp.com.


1. Based on wearable VR PCs as of July 20, 2017. Based on backpack VR PCs with Intel® vPro™, TPM 2.0 and Windows 10 Pro OS as of July 20, 2017. Multicore is designed to improve performance of certain software products. Not all customers or software applications will necessarily benefit from use of this technology. Performance and clock frequency will vary depending on application workload and your hardware and software configurations. Intel’s numbering is not a measurement of higher performance. Some functionality of vPRo technology, such as Intel Active management technology and Intel Virtualization technology, requires additional 3rd party software in order to run. Availability of future “virtual appliances” applications for Intel vPro technology is dependant on 3rd party software providers. Compatibility with future “virtual appliances” is yet to be determined.
2. Based on HP’s unique and comprehensive security capabilities at no additional cost and HP’s Manageability Integration Kit’s management of every aspect of a PC including hardware, BIOS and software management using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager among VR Backpack vendors as of May 2017 on the HP Z VR Backpack with 7th Gen Intel® Processors.
3. First PC on the market with an NVIDIA® Quadro® P5200. First as of July 20, 2017.