Thursday, June 4, 2015

Paul McAniff Pro Market Canon NABShow 2015

Always great catching up with Paul McAniff at Canon USA. Being someone who really embraced the DSLR Revolution using them for video Canon DSLRs were the first and the best. I've been following all the cool cine products from their lenses, bodies and now their large sensor Video Cameras taking the best of their DSLRs and creating a go to all in one Cinema EOS system. Of course the C series have been a hit for Canon lovers but this year Paul tells us about the two new additions. I myself am a Red Owner/Opp. but I have to say if I didn't heavily invest in their modular system I'd absolutely look at what they have to offer for my needs. Both cameras he goes over will show you that you can literally pick up the camera and start shooting. You won't need to invest in many different modules you can get started with either camera and have a legit image maker out of the box. So check out the Canon EOS C300 Mark II or the XC10 cameras for your next film or any other work you do canon has some great options for all..!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Maxon CEO Paul Babb NABShow 2015

MAXON at NABShow 2015 news:
Cinema 4D Release 16 (R16)
Cinema 4D R16 is being shown at NAB 2015 for the first time since it was available last September. In addition to countless workflow enhancements, Cinema 4D R16 delivers powerful new features including a modeling PolyPen ‘super-tool’, a Motion Tracker for easily integrating 3D content within live footage and a Reflectance material channel for multi-layered reflections and specularity.
Cineware 2.0 and Cinema 4D Lite Release 16:

MAXON Cineware 2.0 and Cinema 4D Lite Release 16, are now available in the latest version of Adobe After Effects CC (2014.1). The upgrades deliver improved integration and performance between Cinema 4D, and Adobe’s industry-leading software.

Maxon Canada:
MAXON recently opened a new office in Montreal as a development and SDK support center for Cinema 4D.


MAXON is committed to provide customers with an efficient pipeline to other digital content creation tools. Recent announcements with other leading software providers include:

Brad Iles OWC NABShow 2015

Had a chance to catch up with Brad Iles over at OWC. If you didn't get to attend Supermeet or stop by their booth then check out the video below to learn about how OWC can help your Workflow needs. OWC has been known in the industry for coming up with great upgrades and solutions for your Mac products but they also have plenty of cool stuff if your not a Mac Person. So check out for the latest..!

Jodan Fingerworks NABShow 2015

Ever wonder how they do all that cool stuff you see on screen for Sports. Well Jodan over at Fingerworks caught my eye passing by the many booths at NABShow this year. I don't normally look at this type of product but I'm sure I'm not the only one who definitely finds technology like this uber cool and that's what they deliver. If your in the market for Fingerworks...then head over to for more info..!

Vijay Char VP Promise Technology NABShow 2015

Vijay Char Vice President of Promise Technologies talks about all the cool new storage options they offer. If you're using Thunderbolt you may already be using Promise since they were the first to come to market with their Pegasus TB line. So check out what Promise can do for your storage needs..!

David Basulto iOgrapher NABShow 2015

Here's what's new with iOgrapher at NABShow 2015.

I got to say David Basulto is one of the coolest cats in the biz...and he has created a great brand and products. I encourage you to head over to to learn about all the cool stuff they are working on..!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Dave Helmly Adobe Premiere Pro & Apps NABShow 2015 Demo...

I'm very excited to once again get the opportunity to shoot with Dave Helmly..! If you are not familiar with Dave's Adobe Blog I highly recommend you check it out...full of useful tips, tricks, reviews and just the latest buzz going on at Adobe for the Media and Entertainment Industry.

In the video Dave will highlight some of the most exciting additions to Premiere Pro CC. Big plus is having better color tools right inside of Premiere Pro. Think Photoshop or even Lightroom looks like it was integrated in the new Creative Panel. The editor is becoming more are more than just an editor. Clients want to see that Log file or ruff cut with a color grade or correction via a Look or LUT right away. With the new tools being added to Premiere the editor will be able to get the client a look very fast.

Also very cool is the new Adobe Hue CC(previously called 'Project Candy'). It's a super easy to use but amazing functional addition to the Cloud. Now you can be anywhere and take a sample or samples from a photo or video clip and sample on the fly colors in the image and it will build a Look or LUT that can be used in Premiere Pro CC.

There is also another awesome feature called Morph Cut which Dave has his son Skip being interviewed and has a pause and takes a breath. Well it's not always easy to cut out such clip since you typically want the audio but need to cut out the pause or breath etc. Dave shows you how in seconds he is able to Morph the clips together rebuilding frames so the cut is seemless and the audio is retained to save the shot. This is sure to help you fix a lot of potentially unusable clips like in the interview with skip.

Finally there's some great Media Encoder additions for with one I'll mention called Time Tuner. What a great addition to Morph Cut to be able to not just clean up problem shots with new frames retaining the audio but taking a step further. The client says of shoot we added a commercial we need to squeeze the clip by 30 seconds or even a minute. Well with the new Time Tuner you can actually create a new duration length by taking areas of your footage with not much movement for example and it will do something kinda like removing frames that are not needed to rebuild the duration shortened to the length you need. It's definitely one I'll have to try just to see how this could help me save my cut in the future without having to go back and edit the clip. How cool is that..!

So check out the video below for a better walk through some of the great new features coming to the Cloud..!

Dave Helmly Premiere Pro & Apps NABShow Demo 2015... from Ryanb. Aka: Filmguy on Vimeo.